LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 24 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Arcing "American Ninja Warrior" obstacle: WARPEDWALL

11 Cut on a Jackson 5 album? AFRO

15 "This is news to me": IHADNOIDEA

16 Used miles, perhaps: FLEW


18 Romney's 2012 running mate: RYAN

19 Letters of address for Washington and Lee? EDU

20 Great in scope: EPIC

21 Extended narratives: ARCS

22 "Guilty as charged": IDIDIT

25 "Whispers of Immortality" poet: TSELIOT

27 Norman or Eugene: CITY

28 Kentucky Bourbon Barrel __: ALE

30 Includes in the mix: ADDS

31 Former Radiohead label: EMI

32 Lemons may be among them: USEDCARS

35 Letter's needs: TENANTS

37 Continuous: ONGOING

41 Links with: TIESINTO

43 __ Today: magazine for teachers: NEA

44 Start to bat? ACRO

46 Once called: NEE

47 Court suspension: STAY

48 Pacific states? TRANCES

51 Onion offering: SATIRE

53 Meany in an Irving title: OWEN

54 Actress Miranda of "24: Legacy": OTTO

56 Monk's title: DOM

57 __ swing: MOOD

58 Producer Rhimes' TV production company: SHONDALAND

62 Brief plea: NOLO

63 Sci-fi franchise since 1984: TERMINATOR

64 Footnote notation: IDEM

65 Weekend night events, usually: SLEEPOVERS


1 Marx asset: WIT

2 __ moment: AHA

3 Win big: RAKEITIN

4 Combs differently? PDIDDY

5 Lassitude: ENNUI

6 Pursue persistently: DOG

7 Spacious: WIDE

8 Took in: ADOPTED

9 Corps of Discovery Expedition explorer: LEWIS

10 Cavalry weapon: LANCE

11 "Yes, sad to say": AFRAIDSO

12 Casting choice: FLYROD

13 Jerks, say: REACTS

14 Dominates: OWNS

22 Rapper-turned-actor: ICET

23 It has a torch and two branches on its back: DIME

24 Hint: TASTE

26 Key __: LARGO

29 Minus: LESS

32 Pairing: UNION

33 Parlor purchase: CONE

34 Payments for hands: ANTES

36 Unsystematically: ATRANDOM


39 __ miss: NEAR

40 "Got to Give It Up" singer: GAYE

42 Coming up: INSTORE

44 "Alias Grace" author: ATWOOD

45 Big Easy cuisine: CREOLE

47 Canonized Norw. king: STOLAV

49 Will run you: COSTS

50 Waters with pipes? ETHEL

52 Town in a 1945 Pulitzer-winning novel: ADANO

53 Prefix for all: OMNI

55 Big sport's words: ONME

59 Fall off: DIP

60 Conjunction that reverses to a man's name: NOR

61 Pepper and others: DRS

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