LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 24 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 With 60-Across, disguise one's identity ... and what the answers to starred clues subtly do? USEAN

6 Common commuter org.: MTA

9 Key with no sharps or flats: Abbr.: CMAJ

13 Gender identity spectrum: NONBINARY

15 Origami bird: CRANE

16 *"On the Waterfront" director: ELIAKAZAN

17 Lena of "The Wiz": HORNE

18 Switz. neighbor: AUST

19 XL x XL: MDC

20 Not so concentrated: WEAKER

21 MLB's Cards, on scoreboards: STL

22 *Open-water paddlers: SEAKAYAKERS

24 "Yikes!": YEESH

26 Econ. measure: GNP

27 Madre's sister: TIA

28 Green-sounding Navy jacket: PEACOAT

32 Sq., for one: RECT

33 *Pungent French beef dish: STEAKAUPOIVRE

36 Cache: STOW

37 Vehement: INTENSE

38 Inner __: EAR

39 FGs often end them: OTS

40 "Am not!" retort: ARESO

44 *Historic Pearl Harbor event: SNEAKATTACK

49 French possessive: TES

50 Puma rival: ADIDAS

51 Bobby on ice: ORR

52 Siena sweetheart: CARA

53 Bride of a title Orkan: MINDY

54 *"Godspeed" to the cast of "Godspell," say: BREAKALEG

56 __ Park, Colo.: ESTES

57 Orange variety: TANGERINE

58 Slip end? SHOD

59 "__ La La": Manfred Mann hit: SHA

60 See 1-Across: ALIAS


1 Perturbed: UNEASY

2 Many an "instant" product, e.g.: SOLUTE

3 Isolate, in a way: ENISLE

4 "Grab __": "You're pinch-hitting": ABAT

5 Beat or neat suffix: NIK

6 Miata maker: MAZDA

7 Place to race: TRACK

8 "Atlas Shrugged" author Rand: AYN

9 Raven's sound: CROAK

10 Member of a pitching staff? MARKETER

11 "The Vampire Chronicles" author: ANNERICE

12 Taunts: JEERSAT

14 Newborn's acquisition: NAME

15 For a song: CHEAP

20 Jazz trumpeter Marsalis: WYNTON

22 Kind of butter used in skin care: SHEA

23 Showing surprise: AGAPE

25 Gush: SPEW

29 Strong watchdogs: AKITAS

30 Art able to: CANST

31 Tagged, perhaps: OUT

32 Camper with a camper: RVER

33 Plymouth Colony VIP: STANDISH

34 Excoriated: TOREINTO

35 "Out of Africa" author Dinesen: ISAK

36 Bits on some buns: SESAMES

39 Green-lights: OKAYS

41 Latin catchall: ETALII

42 Legendary sister of Venus: SERENA

43 Plains tribe: OSAGES

45 Did sum math? ADDED

46 Ark document: TORAH

47 Play area: ARENA

48 Jagged little hill: CRAG

52 Sigmund contemporary: CARL

54 First Korean act to perform at the Grammys: BTS

55 Hawaii's Mauna __: KEA

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