LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 24 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It can cause a bad trip: LSD

4 Renders speechless: AWES

8 Late-night host with an orange-blimp running gag: CONAN

13 Show of hands: VOTE

14 Some Pequod crewmen: HARPOONERS

16 Tapped pic: ICON

17 Many Bach compositions: ORGANMUSIC

18 Sources of "Family Feud" answers: SURVEYS

20 Soccer officials: REFS

21 Till this moment: ASYET

22 Utah lily: SEGO

23 Hush-hush org.: NSA

26 Rebuffed, with "off": BRUSHED

29 Mob scenes: RIOTS

31 In bygone days: AGO

33 Retailer with blue-and-yellow megastores: IKEA

34 Does penance (for): ATONES

35 Clothing line: SEAM

37 Go-aheads: YESES

39 Eye layer: UVEA

40 Say: FORONE

42 Hops hot spot: OAST

44 "Things Are Fine in Mount __": Charley Weaver book: IDY

45 Augment: ADDTO

46 Unborn: INUTERO

48 Scale members: RES

49 Preserves, in a way: CANS

51 Baton-passing event: RELAY

54 Switch partner: BAIT

55 Makes moist: DAMPENS

57 Electrical generator: ALTERNATOR

61 "The Matrix" actress Carrie-__ Moss: ANNE

62 Clothing accessory, perhaps ... or what you can see in each of four groups of circles? BELTBUCKLE

63 Cupcake decorator: ICER

64 Andean shrubs: COCAS

65 Little piggies: TOES

66 Nero Wolfe creator Stout: REX


1 Center of power: LOCUS

2 Panels illustrating film scripts: STORYBOARDS

3 High capital: DENVER

4 "Hey, sailor!": AHOY

5 General concerns? WARS

6 Unit of work: ERG

7 Let off: SPARED

8 Solace: COMFORT

9 Responsibility: ONUS

10 Wii forerunner, briefly: NES

11 Onassis nickname: ARI

12 Foreign policy advisory gp.: NSC

13 Plastic choice: VISA

15 100 sawbucks: ONEG

19 Place for pins and needles: ETUI

22 Salts, say: SEASONS

23 King's philosophy: NONVIOLENCE

24 Jousting mount: STEED

25 Test for purity: ASSAY

27 Scottish isle: SKYE

28 Half a giggle: HEE

30 Letters for short people? IOU

31 Equidistant: ASFAR

32 Sparkly stone: GEODE

34 Boss' backup: Abbr.: ASST

36 Witty remark: MOT

38 __ de toilette: EAU

41 Strict diet restriction: NOCARBS

43 __ paper: TERM

46 Whole: INTACT

47 Get to work again: REPAIR

50 Japanese aborigine: AINU

52 Subsidiary structure: ANNEX

53 Belgian river: YSER

54 Phi __ Kappa: BETA

55 Dish (out): DOLE

56 Son of Zeus and Hera: ARES

57 TV network with much Shondaland programming: ABC

58 Summer sign: LEO

59 Solace for a sad BFF: TLC

60 Ref's ruling: TKO

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