LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 24 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Baghdad is its capital: IRAQ

5 Really slow parties: DRAGS

10 Bloke: CHAP

14 Hindu spiritual adviser: GURU

15 Latin for "gold": AURUM

16 British nobleman below a marquess: EARL

17 Rifle range rounds: AMMO

18 Failure to exercise appropriate care: NEGLIGENCE

20 Nicholas II was the last one: TSAROFRUSSIA

22 Nod up and down: AGREE

25 Enjoy the slopes: SKI

26 Nav. rank: ENS

27 Bath bathroom: LOO

28 "To make a __ story short ... ": LONG

32 Jessica with two Oscars and three Emmys: LANGE

34 Hopping western rodents: KANGAROORATS

38 Jai __: ALAI

39 Formal "Door's open": ENTER

40 Green Hornet's sidekick: KATO


47 Glide on a rink: SKATE

50 Soon, in Shakespeare: ANON

51 Well output: OIL

52 Tic-__-toe: TAC

53 __ Lingus: AER

56 Submit a rŽsumŽ (for), as a job: APPLY

58 Tasks in music, painting, etc.: ARTSPROJECTS

63 Like hastily made plans: LASTSECOND

64 Berra or a bear: YOGI

68 Dip __ in: test the water: ATOE

69 Meeting leader: CHAIR

70 Enjoy, as gum: CHEW

71 Well-mannered man: GENT

72 Works at, as a bar: TENDS

73 __ sapiens: HOMO


1 Supermarket initials: IGA

2 Mojito liquor: RUM

3 Chair's elbow rest: ARM

4 Repeat exactly: QUOTE

5 Scully on "The X-Files": DANA

6 Regretful sort: RUER

7 2012 Affleck film that won Best Picture: ARGO

8 Large bodies of water: GULFS

9 Smug grin: SMIRK

10 Chicken cacciatore quintet: CEES

11 "Dear Evan __": 2015 musical: HANSEN

12 Curving, like the sun crossing the sky: ARCING

13 Polite request starter: PLEASE

19 What a plea deal concedes: GUILT

21 Ward of "House": SELA

22 __-Seltzer: ALKA

23 Objective: GOAL

24 Barrett of gossip: RONA

29 Creme-filled cookie: OREO

30 It's forbidden: NONO

31 Have to, in slang: GOTTA

33 Questions: ASKS

35 Main point: GIST

36 Horse rider's strap: REIN

37 Florence's river: ARNO

41 Where division leaders sit, vis-ˆ-vis the standings: ATOP

42 What a dog wags: TAIL

43 Paris airport: ORLY

45 Jalopies: HEAPS

46 Tiny biting insect: GNAT

47 WWII prison camp: STALAG

48 Self-defense technique: KARATE

49 Responds to, as a tip: ACTSON

54 Build: ERECT

55 Tamiflu producer: ROCHE

57 "Fooled you!": PSYCH

59 Editor's "keep it": STET

60 Folk singer Baez: JOAN

61 Oklahoma city: ENID

62 Some USN officers: CDRS

65 "I get it now!": OHO

66 Diamond, for one: GEM

67 __ Jima: IWO

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