LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Part of a flower: PETAL

6 Not working: IDLE

10 Final notice? OBIT

14 "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" playwright Edward: ALBEE

15 "Hud" actress Patricia: NEAL

16 Foreshadow: BODE

17 Wise guy: SMARTALECK

19 Highway off-ramp: EXIT

20 Major Can. city: TOR

21 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

22 Reverse of a hit 45: BSIDE

23 Original "Tonight Show" host: STEVEALLEN

26 Computer antivirus brand: MCAFEE

28 Dugout rack lumber: BAT

29 Neon or Freon: GAS

32 Oyster gem: PEARL

33 Tasseled topper: FEZ

34 "City of New Orleans" singer Guthrie: ARLO

35 Anthology of personal writings ... and a phonetic hint to what is literally comprised by the answers of 17-, 23-, 46- and 56-Across: ESSAYCOLLECTION

39 Madeline of "Paper Moon": KAHN

40 Lennon's lady: ONO

41 "Grey's Anatomy" patient who proposed to Izzie: DENNY

42 Suffix with legal: ESE

43 __ de plume: NOM

44 Yanni's genre: NEWAGE

46 Home safety feature: SMOKEALARM

49 Helped with the dishes: DRIED

51 Spice Girl Halliwell: GERI

52 "Sorta" suffix: ISH

55 Charged particles: IONS

56 Home of the NBA's Spurs: SANANTONIO

59 "Famous" cookie guy: AMOS

60 Saint Laurent of fashion: YVES

61 Surplus: EXTRA

62 Madcap: ZANY

63 Small salamander: NEWT

64 Status symbol watch: ROLEX


1 Over and done with: PAST

2 Red Muppet: ELMO

3 Ski lift: TBAR

4 __ Lingus: AER

5 Shoot the ball, in hoops lingo: LETITFLY

6 Totally smitten: INLOVE

7 Big name in field equipment: DEERE

8 Fond du __, Wisconsin: LAC

9 Antlered animal: ELK

10 More than a little heavy: OBESE

11 Where Ali did his rope-a-dope: BOXINGRING

12 Confession to "Who broke this?": IDID

13 Noggin in Nice: TETE

18 Tommie of the Amazin' Mets: AGEE

22 Sandwich initials: BLT

23 Transparent wrap: SARAN

24 Brother of Cain: ABEL

25 Lounge (about): LAZE

26 Flat-topped formations: MESAS

27 Profits from: CASHESINON

30 Unaccompanied: ALONE

31 Walkman maker: SONY

32 Chinese lap dog, for short: PEKE

33 Progressive insurance spokeswoman: FLO

34 Elite group: ATEAM

36 Man the grill: COOK

37 Treater's words: ONME

38 PC device also called a burner: CDWRITER

43 Wordless acknowledgment: NOD

44 Washington Nats' div.: NLEAST

45 Make, as money: EARN

47 In disarray: MESSY

48 Nixon's first veep: AGNEW

49 Actress Cameron __: DIAZ

50 Tomato type: ROMA

52 Part of IOC: Abbr.: INTL

53 Stable father: SIRE

54 Fraud: HOAX

56 Thesaurus abbr.: SYN

57 Fifth in NYC, e.g.: AVE

58 Kitchenware brand: OXO

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