LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Original airer of "The Flintstones": ABC

4 Frat Pack brother of Luke: OWEN

8 Where a queen may be crowned: PROM

12 Swedish aerospace giant: SAAB

14 __ system: SOLAR

16 Emmy winner Ward: SELA

17 Metaphor for nonstop action: THRILLRIDE

19 Throws in: ADDS

20 Former capital of Myanmar: RANGOON

21 Beemer alternative: JAG

23 Insurance ad woman: FLO

24 Prayer leaders: IMAMS

25 Coach's strategy: GAMEPLAN

27 "I am not strange. I am just not normal" artist: DALI

28 UFC sport: MMA

30 Boots, in a way: LOADS

31 Hubbard movement: SCIENTOLOGY

35 Reality show with auctioneers: STORAGEWARS

36 Illustrations on some old maps: SEAMONSTERS

37 Uses a lot? PARKS

38 Talk acronym: TED

39 It's behind you: PAST

43 Emergency building section: FIREAREA

46 Transform: MORPH

47 Gilbert and Sullivan princess: IDA

48 Theater pickups, on signs: TIX

49 Multitalented Jessel of vaudeville: GEORGIE

51 Italian tubes: ZITI

53 Higher education? BIBLESTUDY

55 U.K. prime minister during the Suez Crisis: EDEN

56 MIT __: business school: SLOAN

57 Forward thinker: SEER

58 Fishing boat tools: RODS

59 Marine hazard: EDDY

60 Lock-changing aid? DYE


1 Lindgren who wrote the Pippi Longstocking tales: ASTRID

2 Grand __: BAHAMA

3 Earthly: CARNAL

4 "Hedda Gabler" setting, now: OSLO

5 Showing signs of age: WORN

6 New Haven alum: ELI

7 Title woman in an AndreĢ Breton novel: NADJA

8 MADD ad, e.g.: PSA

9 Warnings: REDFLAGS

10 Noted fly swallower: OLDLADY

11 Stonewallers? MASONS

13 "Not a good idea at all": BIGMISTAKE

15 Set of sheets: REAM

18 Head of the LAPD? LOS

22 Actress Sarah Michelle __: GELLAR

25 Rap genre: GANGSTA

26 Rude losers: POORSPORTS

28 Barcelona-born surrealist: MIRO

29 Nasty: MEAN

32 Global networking pioneer: COMSAT

33 Parisian bean? TETE

34 Due: OWED

35 Like some knives: SERRATED

36 Got hitched: SAIDIDO

37 Xanax maker: PFIZER

40 Contended: ARGUED

41 __-sense: superhero asset: SPIDEY

42 "__ here": "Poltergeist": THEYRE

44 Kids: RIBS

45 Kick out: EXILE

46 Rapper __ Def: MOS

49 Smiling, probably: GLAD

50 Choice word? EENY

52 Helpful connections: INS

54 Gym specimen: BOD

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