LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It can affect where you stop on a road trip: GASPRICE

9 Three-legged table: TEAPOY

15 Customary: ORTHODOX

16 How old radios are heard: INMONO

17 Fed with a wand: TSAAGENT

18 Plugged away: TOILED

19 Botched, with "up": MESSED

20 Tiny stream: RILL

22 Milk source: EWE

23 Detail on a map: INSET

24 Judicious: SANE

25 "I Lost It at the Movies" author: KAEL

26 Took part in a cover-up: LIED

27 Poor working conditions: SWEATBOXES

29 __-Tiki: KON

30 One with all the answers? ALEXTREBEK

31 Company car advantage: FLEETRATE

32 Identity verification system: BIOMETRICS

34 Hodges of the Dodgers: GIL

37 Certain racing vehicle: BURLAPSACK

38 Baskin-Robbins order: CONE

39 Breezed through: ACED

40 It's under a foot: SOLE

41 Eighth of 24: THETA

42 Many ATM deposits: CKS

43 Part of a hip-hop trio name: PEPA

44 Makes a good living: DOESOK

45 Keys on a piano: ALICIA

47 Give new life to: RECREATE

49 Abs strengtheners: LEGUPS

50 It's rarely taken home: GROSSPAY

51 Inspector in Elizabeth George mysteries: LYNLEY

52 Two-time British Open champ: ERNIEELS


1 Ad campaign almost dismissed by its creators for grammatical inaccuracy: GOTMILK

2 Hall of fame: ARSENIO

3 Nine-time presidential candidate: STASSEN

4 Introduced in stages, with "in": PHASED

5 He had a way with words: ROGET

6 Named: IDED

7 Bamboozle: CON

8 Like a trenta at Starbucks: EXTRAEXTRALARGE

9 The Beatles' "Help!" is one: TITLETRACK

10 Organic compound: ENOL

11 "What __ bid for ... ": AMI

12 Weapon similar to a halberd: POLEAXE

13 Salary period: ONEWEEK

14 Off-peak calls? YODELS

21 Quicker than quick: INATRICE

24 Fruit also called a sugar apple: SWEETSOP

25 __ beef: KOBE

27 Doesn't toss and turn: SLEEPSEASY

28 Santa Anita action: BETS

30 Michigan city or college: ALMA

31 Decide not to call: FOLD

32 "Firing Line" host: BUCKLEY

33 Parting words: IRESIGN

34 Has a cow: GOESAPE

35 All told: INTOTAL

36 Olduvai Gorge paleontologists: LEAKEYS

37 "Applause" Tony winner: BACALL

38 Jack in a box lunch: CHEESE

41 Tanks cover them: TORSI

43 Frosty feature: PIPE

44 Raid shelfmate: DCON

46 __-de-sac: CUL

48 Muck it up: ERR

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