LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 24 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Esau's twin: JACOB

6 Wee bit: TAD

9 Cause to blush: ABASH

14 Love, in Milan: AMORE

15 Hoopla: ADO

16 1945 "Big Three" summit site: YALTA

17 Medical licensing test: BOARDEXAM

19 Go in: ENTER

20 "Pull up a chair": SIT

21 "Ghostbusters" goo: SLIME

22 Sport with rifles and disks: SKEET

23 Tot's mealtime chest protector: BIB

24 Cardin of design: PIERRE

25 Translates, as a cipher: DECODES

29 Deborah of "The King and I": KERR

30 Get away from: EVADE

31 Rain really hard: POUR

33 Smell: ODOR

37 Group of quail: BEVY

38 Burglary, for short ... and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers: BANDE

39 Pen name that sounds like a drink: SAKI

40 Maple or sycamore: TREE

41 1998 film with talking bugz? ANTZ

42 Longed (for): PINED

43 State between Mont. and Minn.: NDAK

45 Transfers from computer to cloud, say: UPLOADS

47 Theater platforms: STAGES

50 Actor McKellen: IAN

51 Instruments for Yo-Yo Ma: CELLI

52 Flinch or blink: REACT

55 "Hulk" director Lee: ANG

58 Thing of the past: RELIC

59 Online mass marketing message: BULKEMAIL

61 Won by __: squeaked out the victory: ANOSE

62 Wrath: IRE

63 Artery in an angiogram: AORTA

64 Unverified stories: MYTHS

65 Mariner's "Help!": SOS

66 Called the game: UMPED


1 Short punches: JABS

2 Mine, in Metz: AMOI

3 Paint layer: COAT

4 Hockey immortal: ORR

5 Place for reading a nighttime story to a tot: BEDSIDE

6 Ride with a meter: TAXI

7 Actor Sandler: ADAM

8 Rotunda topper: DOME

9 Sailor's assent: AYESIR

10 Wearing away of a riverside slope: BANKEROSION

11 Change: ALTER

12 Rodeo bovine: STEER

13 Poker Flat chronicler Bret: HARTE

18 North Sea feeder: ELBE

23 Torso-twisting "spin" that has no effect on the ball: BODYENGLISH

24 Dijon dad: PERE

25 Credit report item: DEBT

26 At any time: EVER

27 Home to Alley Oop: CAVE

28 Hit on the tush: SPANK

29 Invasive Asian vine: KUDZU

32 Toronto's prov.: ONT

34 Delany of "Desperate Housewives": DANA

35 Approved: OKED

36 Frees (of): RIDS

38 Sounds at shearings: BAAS

42 Kin of a mesa: PLATEAU

44 Gets the frost off, as plane wings: DEICES

46 Prospector's tool: PICK

47 "Get lost!": SCRAM

48 So, so small: TEENY

49 Portion out: ALLOT

52 Sluggers' stats: RBIS

53 Milan money: EURO

54 Taproom orders: ALES

55 Strong lobby for seniors: AARP

56 Late time, in ads: NITE

57 Delighted: GLAD

60 Judy, to Liza: MOM

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