LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Measuring tools: TAPES

6 They're often removed for the National Anthem: HATS

10 Those in charge: Abbr.: MGMT

14 "Same for me": ASAMI

15 "Or __ what?!": ELSE

16 "Unfortunately ... ": ALAS

17 Cornell's main campus overlooks it: CAYUGALAKE

19 TV heroine whose name is derived from the Greek for "stranger": XENA

20 Adorns playfully, for short: TPS

21 "The Maltese Falcon" genre: NOIR

22 Marvel's Stark: TONY

23 Home to more than 425 US wineries: SONOMACOUNTY

27 It's fun to skip them: STONES

29 Modern test of humanity: CAPTCHA

30 Sushi fare: EEL

31 Spicy cupful: CHAI

32 Big name in chips: LAY

33 "V." novelist (1963): THOMASPYNCHON

38 Std. paper size: LTR

39 "Typee" sequel: OMOO

40 Set a price of: ASK

41 College schedule entries: CLASSES

43 They're tapped in spring: MAPLES

46 Ham, pepper and green onion dish: DENVEROMELET

48 Conks out: DIES

49 Binge to excess, as a TV show: ODON

50 Mobile __: APP

53 Appliance appendage: CORD

54 Pie-making scraps ... and what this puzzle's circles represent? APPLECORES

57 V-day note sign-off: SWAK

58 Slide cry: WHEE

59 Creative nuggets: IDEAS

60 Tolstoy's Karenina: ANNA

61 Swirl: EDDY

62 Part of LCD: LEAST


1 Statesman's asset: TACT


3 Uses Venmo, say: PAYS

4 Aussie runner: EMU

5 You need a password to do it: SIGNON

6 Chariot-riding god: HELIOS

7 Wake-up call? ALARM

8 Judgy sound: TSK

9 Notice: SEE

10 Crank to 11, say: MAXOUT

11 Actress with the most Oscar nominations without a win: GLENNCLOSE

12 "I really appreciate it!": MANYTHANKS

13 Org. using wands: TSA

18 Top-notch: AONE

22 Focus of discussion: TOPIC

23 On one's own: SOLO

24 Hurting: ACHY

25 "Thief" star James: CAAN

26 Cry on a slide: YAY

27 "Chill!": SETTLEDOWN

28 Capital north of Doha, Qatar: TEHRANIRAN

31 USCG rank: CPO

34 Noted receiver of tablets: MOSES

35 USA part: Abbr.: AMER

36 Just passable: SOSO

37 Screeching __: HALT

38 Calculator feature, for short: LCD

42 Smirnoff competitor: SVEDKA

43 Olympic swimming event: MEDLEY

44 Burn soother: ALOE

45 Write (in) tentatively: PENCIL

47 Scooter kin: MOPED

50 Region: AREA

51 Podded veggies: PEAS

52 Hissed "Yo!": PSST

53 Its last official capital was Richmond, Va.: CSA

54 Wonder: AWE

55 Prof.'s holding: PHD

56 Laudatory work: ODE

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