LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Device used with a planchette: OUIJA

6 Hail in old Rome: AVE

9 2000s Israeli prime minister Sharon: ARIEL

14 Rip out stitchwork in: UNSEW

15 "The Louisville __": nickname for Ali: LIP

16 "Five Weeks in a Balloon" novelist: VERNE

17 Last line of Dale Evans Rogers' "Happy Trails": TILLWEMEETAGAIN

20 Puget Sound swimmer: SEAL

21 Bull pen locale: RODEO

22 Sci. subject: ANAT

23 Recipe directive: MIXIN

25 Cat of many colors: CALICO

27 Got laughs, hopefully: CRACKEDAJOKE

31 Stately: NOBLE

32 Tomato type: ROMA

33 Bird __: FLU

36 Scottish countryside sight: BRAE

37 Northern Kentucky county: BOONE

39 Complain: CRAB

40 Dancer Charisse: CYD

41 Stew veggies: PEAS

42 Kid around with: TEASE

43 Alternative for beef avoiders: TURKEYBURGER

46 Prepare for cooking, as sole: DEBONE

49 One getting under your skin: VEXER

50 From the top: ANEW

51 Time server, usually: FELON

54 Block in a barn: BALE

57 What's left by an ace investigator ... and in each of the four longest puzzle answers: NOENOTSUNTURNED

60 Mischievous: ELFIN

61 Gloucester's cape: ANN

62 "The Heart of Georgia": MACON

63 MS. enclosures: SASES

64 Strings for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: UKE

65 Legislative assemblies: PLENA


1 See 59-Down: OUTS

2 Combined, in Cannes: UNIE

3 Capital NW of New Delhi: ISLAMABAD

4 Type of cat in "Cats": JELLICLE

5 "How cute!": AWW

6 Marzipan staple: ALMOND

7 Competed: VIED

8 Parrier's tool: EPEE

9 Clark's "Mogambo" co-star: AVA

10 Entertain lavishly: REGALE

11 Tabriz native: IRANI

12 "Giant Brain" unveiled in 1946: ENIAC

13 Slowly, to Salieri: LENTO

18 Point Pelee's lake: ERIE

19 In the future: TOCOME

24 Jag model: XKE

26 Dossier shorthand: AKA

27 "Squawk Box" airer: CNBC

28 2016 FedExCup winner McIlroy: RORY

29 Came up: AROSE

30 "The Daily Show" host before Trevor: JON

33 Chanel offering: FRAGRANCE

34 Whack a mole? LASE

35 Lyft competitor: UBER

37 Deprived (of): BEREFT

38 Whiskey barrel wood: OAK

39 Highbrow: CEREBRAL

41 "The lowest form of humor when you don't think of it first": Oscar Levant: PUN

42 Prom rental: TUX

43 Many an off-campus local: TOWNIE

44 '60s Batgirl portrayer Craig: YVONNE

45 At an angle: BENT

46 Some North Sea fishermen: DANES

47 Name on a historic B-29: ENOLA

48 Squawks: BEEFS

52 Genesis brother: ESAU

53 Blockhead: LUNK

55 "Coming Home" singer Bridges: LEON

56 Krabappel of "The Simpsons": EDNA

58 Add-__: ONS

59 Caller of 1-Down: UMP

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