LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 24 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gives up the single life: WEDS

5 Christina of "Sleepy Hollow": RICCI

10 Physique, briefly: BOD

13 Holliday pal: EARP

14 Headgear for shading one's face: SUNHAT

15 Luau strings: UKE

16 Huff and puff: BREATHEHARD

18 Narrow inlet: RIA

19 Gland near the larynx: THYROID

20 Snow glider: SLED

21 Bollywood's country: INDIA

24 "Jeopardy!" material: TRIVIA

26 Seed in some sauerkraut: CARAWAY

29 Brass band sound: OOMPAH

32 List-ending abbr.: ETAL

33 Ellipsis trio: DOTS

36 Cotton thread: LISLE

37 Programming glitch: BUG

38 Lawn area where rainwater collects: LOWSPOT

40 Jurisprudence org.: ABA

41 "Mad TV" alum Lange: ARTIE

43 Installed, as carpet: LAID

44 Taiwanese laptop giant: ACER

45 Lou portrayed in "The Pride of the Yankees": GEHRIG

47 Do-it-yourself diagnostic tool: TESTKIT

49 Rolled in the aisles: ROARED

52 Spur-of-the-moment: HASTY

53 Animator's output: TOON

55 Egyptian or Ethiopian: AFRICAN

58 Letters in an academic address: EDU

59 Divvy up poker hand winnings, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters: SPLITTHEPOT

63 Fix, as a fight: RIG

64 Norelco product: SHAVER

65 New Balance rival: NIKE

66 Slangy word of indifference: MEH

67 Fall bloomer: ASTER

68 Cubicle fixture: DESK


1 Organic flytrap: WEB

2 Piece of corn: EAR

3 Dr. with Grammys: DRE

4 Like some relations: SPATIAL

5 One with regrets: RUER

6 __ water: facing trouble: INHOT

7 Waiting room seat: CHAIR

8 Aerobic regimen, casually: CARDIO

9 "__ be an honor": ITD

10 Bags for potatoes, say: BURLAPSACKS

11 "The Grapes of Wrath" figure: OKIE

12 Like a useless battery: DEAD

14 Not prone to mingling: SHY

17 Defrost: THAW

20 __ Valley: Reagan Library site: SIMI

21 Sprain soother: ICEBAG

22 The great outdoors: NATURE

23 Subject to, as the proverbial mud: DRAGTHROUGH

25 Chevy needing recharging: VOLT

27 Commotion: ADO

28 Cry of distress: YOWL

30 Even if: ALBEIT

31 Robust: HEARTY

34 PreCheck org.: TSA

35 Hot rod? SPIT

38 "Star Wars" twin sister: LEIA

39 Thomas Gray's "The Bard," e.g.: ODE

42 Resolve, with "out": IRON

44 Finally finished: ATANEND

46 Sales reports diagrams: GRAPHS

48 Ousted Iranian ruler: SHAH

50 D-sharp equivalent: EFLAT

51 Take the wheel: DRIVE

53 Political stretch: TERM

54 Yellow comics dog: ODIE

56 Road in old Rome: ITER

57 NFL snapper: CTR

59 Org. funded by FICA: SSA

60 Traditional March 14 dessert: PIE

61 Thumbs-ups: OKS

62 Shatner's "__War": TEK

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