LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Concerning: ASFOR

6 Letters replacing a list: ETC

9 Afternoon snooze: NAP

12 Nighttime party: SOIREE

14 Soccer tiebreaker, perhaps: SHOOTOUT

17 County on the English Channel: SUSSEX

18 Canyon namesake of dry California winds: SANTAANA

19 Tree with elastic wood: ASH

20 *Matches with known outcomes: FIXEDFIGHTS

22 Hi-__ TV: DEF

23 What "X" may mean: TEN

24 Music center? ESS

25 Dennis the Menace, for one: IMP

28 Beloved: DEAR

30 Monk's title: FRA

33 Cultural setting: MILIEU

36 Black and blue? BERRIES

39 H or O, in H2O: ELEMENT

41 Contrasting ornaments: SETOFFS

42 Roald Dahl title heroine: MATILDA

43 Submitted, as a manuscript: SENTIN

44 Kvetching sounds: OYS

45 Weakens: EBBS

48 Give voice to: SAY

49 __ Lingus: AER

51 Partner in a 2020 peace agreement with Isr.: UAE

53 Quite a ways away: FAR

56 *Music group's lead violinist, casually: FIRSTFIDDLE

61 Anger: IRE

62 Imagining: IDEATING

63 Photo taken backwards? SELFIE

65 Marine Corps motto, briefly, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: SEMPERFI

66 Thrills: ELATES

67 General on a menu: TSO

68 Fair-hiring letters: EOE

69 Flair: STYLE


1 Syrian leader: ASSAD

2 W.C. Fields persona: SOUSE

3 *Fast-food alternatives to burgers: FISHFILETS

4 RN workplaces: ORS

5 Sailing danger: REEF

6 Ancient mystic: ESSENE

7 Jazz trumpeter Jones: THAD

8 Meeting group: CONFEREES

9 Biblical boater: NOAH

10 Bee, to Opie: AUNT

11 School orgs.: PTAS

13 Leave: EXIT

15 Name seen on one's way to the penthouse? OTIS

16 License plates: TAGS

21 Marked on a ballot: XED

26 "La Boh�me" role: MIMI

27 Banana covering: PEEL

29 Hunk's pride: ABS

30 *Like half a chance: FIFTYFIFTY

31 APR-reducing loan: REFI

32 Pt. of AAA: ASSN

33 Office notice: MEMO

34 "Now __ me down to sleep ... ": ILAY

35 Being severely criticized: UNDERFIRE

37 Numbered rds.: RTES

38 Novelist Jaffe: RONA

40 Diner check: TAB

46 Aussie parrot, briefly: BUDGIE

47 Mournful: SAD

49 33-Down demand, perhaps: ASAP

50 Luncheon end? ETTE

52 "... or __!": ELSE

54 Cartoon mermaid: ARIEL

55 Actress Witherspoon: REESE

56 Punch deliverer: FIST

57 March time: IDES

58 San __: Italian resort: REMO

59 Recon target: INFO

60 Sniggler's catch: EELS

64 Map line: Abbr.: LAT

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