LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 24 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tug: YANK

5 Grinding away: ATIT

9 Have because of: OWETO

14 English horn cousin: OBOE

15 Hill by a loch: BRAE

16 Spacecraft docked at the ISS: SOYUZ

17 *Be silly: KIDAROUND

19 Joints often replaced: KNEES

20 Mag staff: EDS

21 12/31, e.g.: EVE

22 Exams for aspiring judges, briefly: LSATS


29 Sponge (up): SOP

30 Student's hurdle: TEST

31 Universal donor's type, briefly: ONEG

32 Recipe word: ADD

35 "Like, yesterday!": ASAP

37 "Hunan Report" author: MAO

38 *Grand Canyon traveler: COLORADORIVER

42 Dallas hoopster: MAV

43 Sub: HERO

44 Broadcast from NBC's Studio 8H: SNL

45 Score symbol: CLEF

47 Tuner toggle: AMFM

49 Previously: AGO

52 *Nyctophobic: AFRAIDOFTHEDARK

57 __ Challenge: soft drink promotion: PEPSI

58 Hound: NAG

59 Affirmative vote: YEA

60 Catherine of "A Mighty Wind": OHARA

62 Shortened version of a pop song ... and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to starred clues: RADIOEDIT

65 Clear: LUCID

66 First name in stunts: EVEL

67 Put on board: LADE

68 Feints on the ice: DEKES

69 Mends, in a way: SEWS

70 Wear: FRAY


1 Rustic type: YOKEL

2 Withstands: ABIDES

3 Silently acknowledges: NODSTO

4 Mauna __: KEA

5 Higher than: ABOVE

6 Most faithful: TRUEST

7 Novelist McEwan: IAN

8 2021 Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series: TEDLASSO

9 Liam's "Schindler's List" role: OSKAR

10 Is unacceptable: WONTDO

11 "Full attention here": EYESONME

12 Day planner abbr.: TUE

13 Birth units: Abbr.: OZS

18 Driver's role in "Star Wars" sequels: REN

23 Bollywood strings: SITARS

25 Iridescent gem: OPAL

26 Block at a pass? HEADOFF

27 Put on: WEAR

28 Gps. like Partners In Health: NGO

33 "How silly of me!": DOH

34 Can't stand the idea of: DREADS

36 Safety __: PIN

38 Whale newborn: CALF

39 Have trouble closing the suitcase, maybe: OVERPACK

40 Fancy dressers: ARMOIRES

41 Prince who inspired Dracula: VLAD

42 Old Elton label: MCA

46 Spenser's "The __ Queene": FAERIE

48 57-Across sister brand, on labels: MTNDEW

50 Orientation "sensor": GAYDAR

51 Bagel Bites brand: OREIDA

53 Modern checkout devices: IPADS

54 Comes down hard? HAILS

55 It may be massaged: EGO

56 "Sons of Anarchy" actress Sagal: KATEY

60 Corny, maybe: OLD

61 Colorist's concern: HUE

63 Hail, in a hymn: AVE

64 Tolkien's Legolas, for one: ELF

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