LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "No great shakes": MEH

4 Croque madame meat: HAM

7 Red Cross supply: PLASMA

13 Often hoppy brew: ALE

14 "The Reader" actress Lena: OLIN

16 Yell: HOLLER

17 Vote of support: YEA

18 *Submarine weapon launcher: TORPEDOTUBE

20 *Catchall phrase: ANDOTHERS

22 Pyeongchang's peninsula: KOREA

23 Parts of hearts: ATRIA

24 Satisfied sighs: AAHS

26 Find a place for: USE

27 Country that shares a 3,300-mile border with Argentina: CHILE

29 Quiet time at day care: NAP

32 iPhone talker: SIRI

34 Small battery size: AAA

35 Works on one's plumage: PREENS

37 Makes sense of a situation ... and, literally, what the quartet of answers to starred clues does: CONNECTSTHEDOTS

40 "Anchors __": AWEIGH

41 Leaves for socials? TEA

42 Sweater, usually: KNIT

43 Legal profession: BAR

44 Mocha's land: YEMEN

46 Bespectacled friend of Snow White: DOC

47 Bun or beehive: UPDO

48 Praline piece: PECAN

50 "I __ thought of that": HADNT

53 *Martial arts maneuver: JUDOTHROW

57 *Guacamole source: AVOCADOTREE

59 Cleanup hitter's stat: RBI

60 Illuminated like some domed structures: TOPLIT

61 Crumb carriers: ANTS

62 Told too often, as a joke: OLD

63 Snarky expressions: SNEERS

64 East, in Munich: OST

65 Short shirt: TEE


1 Early Yucat√°n dweller: MAYA

2 Justice Kagan: ELENA

3 Eye candy: HEADTURNER

4 Eye candy: HOTTIE

5 Wahine welcome: ALOHA

6 Swampy ground: MIRE

7 Prof.'s degree: PHD

8 "Listen to me!": LOOKHERE

9 Choir voices: ALTOS

10 Disparaging remark: SLUR

11 "Don't Let __ Lonely Tonight": James Taylor: MEBE

12 General vicinity: AREA

15 "TED Radio Hour" broadcaster: NPR

19 Morales of "NYPD Blue": ESAI

21 Family name of three popes: ORSINI

25 Greek leader? ALPHA

27 Laser pointer chaser: CAT

28 Quickness: HASTE

29 Crayola shade similar to Atomic Tangerine: NEONCARROT

30 Opposing: ANTI

31 Wordless whisper: PSST

32 Wound covering: SCAB

33 Skunk River state: IOWA

34 Needed a massage: ACHED

36 Subject of the musical "Mayor": EDKOCH

38 Carrier to Cairo: EGYPTAIR

39 Much-used base: TEN

45 Magic spell: MOJO

46 Not fancy at all: DETEST

47 "I give!": UNCLE

48 Keats and Yeats: POETS

49 Highborn: NOBLE

50 They're sometimes felt: HATS

51 Mary Kay rival: AVON

52 Lowdown: DOPE

54 Actress Hagen: UTA

55 Beijing-born Bond villain: DRNO

56 Off-target: WIDE

58 Rehab hurdle: DTS

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