LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 24 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 24 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Outdated: PASSE

6 Calf-length dresses: MIDIS

11 Streaming alternative: DVD

14 Let up: ABATE

15 Hacienda material: ADOBE

16 Crew's control? OAR

17 High-end eye makeup? LUXURYLINER

19 Hollywood SFX: CGI

20 Part of a process: STEP

21 "Pomp and Circumstance" composer: ELGAR

22 Concert souvenir: STUB

23 First words of "Green Eggs and Ham": IAM

25 Creeps: TIPTOES

27 One sterilizing Ping-Pong equipment? PADDLESTEAMER

32 Supermarket chain with a mostly red oval logo: IGA

33 Con man? ANTI

34 Switches: SWAPS

37 Adorkable one: NERD

39 Emcee duty: INTRO

42 Flute or reed, on an organ: STOP

43 Tibetan legends: YETIS

45 Fireside stack: LOGS

47 Org. concerned with emissions: EPA

48 Squad car for soprano Kathleen? BATTLECRUISER

52 Sign of fall: SCORPIO

54 Fish-eating eagle: ERN

55 Romp: PLAY

56 Old autocrats: TSARS

59 Historic times: AGES

63 Place for a bud: EAR

64 Worthless stuff from Beijing? CHINESEJUNK

66 It may be financial or legal: AID

67 Skin dye used in some wedding celebrations: HENNA

68 Overdue: TARDY

69 Measures for long-distance runners: Abbr.: KMS

70 Mystery award: EDGAR

71 Entertain: AMUSE


1 More than casual acquaintances: PALS

2 Touch on: ABUT

3 __-Coburg: former Bavarian duchy: SAXE

4 Idiotic: STUPID

5 "If __ I loved her, all that love is gone": Shakespeare: EER

6 __ of America: MALL

7 "Got it, man": IDIG

8 Give: DONATE

9 Gibraltar's peninsula: IBERIA

10 Sun. delivery: SER

11 High degrees: DOCTORATES

12 Ill-defined: VAGUE

13 Small amounts: DRIBS

18 Aden native: YEMENI

22 Simmers: STEWS

24 Fashioned after: ALA

26 Canadian VIPs: PMS

27 Like some Christmas candles: PINY

28 Tommie of the Amazin' Mets: AGEE

29 They're stuck in pubs: DARTBOARDS

30 RR depot: STN

31 IMDb search category: TITLE

35 Bishop of Rome: POPE

36 Sail support: SPAR

38 Private account: DIARY

40 Mythical bird: ROC

41 Fiona, after Shrek's kiss: OGRESS

44 Auto additive with a mostly red oval logo: STP

46 __ La Table: Williams-Sonoma rival: SUR

49 Gave religiously: TITHED

50 Dieting successfully: LOSING

51 Stuck: INAJAM

52 Command to Fido: SPEAK

53 GEICO submission: CLAIM

57 "Mom" co-star Faris: ANNA

58 Stern: REAR

60 Wise adviser: GURU

61 Objectives: ENDS

62 Inner Hebrides isle: SKYE

64 "The Motorcycle Diaries" revolutionary: CHE

65 In-flight update: ETA

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