LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 24 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Muscle at one end of the Achilles tendon: CALF

5 Dream __: TEAM

9 Ground-hitting sound: SPLAT

14 __ 2600, Class of 2007 National Toy Hall of Fame inductee: ATARI

16 Ebb: WANE

17 Alaska governor after Murkowski: PALIN

18 Mission statement? REMEMBERTHEALAMO

21 Bandies words: SPARS

22 Baseball mascot originally titled "Lady": MRSMET

23 La, in the key of E: CSHARP

25 Ballet move: PLIE

27 Drink suffix: ADE

28 For nothing: GRATIS

29 Get gas: FUELUP

31 Position statement? YOUAREHERE

33 Black fur: SABLE

37 Big name in big trucks: MACK

38 Restoratives: TONICS

40 Lead-in to bake or shell: CLAM

41 Lid maladies: STYES

43 Impact statement? OWTHATHURT

45 __ best: SUNDAY

47 What many dress in during winter: LAYERS

48 Tricky person: WAG

51 Looking up: ROSY

52 Gently towel off: PATDRY

53 Author Allende: ISABEL

55 Clean __: SLATE

56 Closing statement? COMEBACKTOMORROW

62 First name in Fighting Irish history: KNUTE

63 Vacation home asset: VIEW

64 Arabian Peninsula resident: OMANI

65 Go after: SETAT

66 Board-making aids: SAWS

67 Sun blocker: SMOG


1 A dealer might flip one: CAR

2 Adored, with "up": ATE

3 Escape: LAM

4 New perspectives: FRESHTAKES

5 Squirt: TWERP

6 Wheat spikes: EARS

7 Critter with three left legs: ANT

8 "Doesn't do it for me": MEH

9 "We have enough details, thanks": SPAREUS

10 Buds: PALS

11 High-altitude pack animal: LLAMA

12 Prepared with a cue: AIMED

13 Low-risk investment: TNOTE

15 Affect adversely: IMPAIR

19 Mixologist's tools: BARSET

20 Expressionist painter Nolde: EMIL

23 Slovene neighbor: CROAT

24 Pert: SAUCY

25 Ingot valuation factor: PURITY

26 Parasite: LEECH

28 Places for some rats: GYMS

29 Ted Williams' field: FENWAY

30 Large animals whose taxonomic order is obsolete: PACHYDERMS

32 Brit's bonnets, in the States: HOODS

34 Downer? BLUER

35 David who voiced George Steinbrenner on "Seinfeld": LARRY

36 Mobile lifesavers: EMTS

39 Peace in the Middle East? SALAAM

42 Can't-miss wager: SUREBET

44 Bit of needlework: TATTOO

46 Tulane's home, informally: NOLA

48 Burning needs? WICKS

49 In unison: ASONE

50 Full range: GAMUT

52 Pickup attachments: PLOWS

54 Pre-release stage: BETA

55 All-in-one dinner: STEW

57 Rite Aid rival: CVS

58 Optima, for one: KIA

59 Big name in pickups: RAM

60 Palindromic peace activist: ONO

61 Locks lacking keys: WIG

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