LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Old AT&T rival: GTE

4 __ Na Na: SHA

7 Pigsty: DUMP

11 Least used: RUSTIEST

14 Nightmare reaction: TERROR

16 "Collages" author: ANAISNIN

17 Grammy winner for "I Believe I Can Fly": RKELLY

18 Part of a Requiem Mass: DIESIRAE

19 Name suffix: III

20 Ukr. and Georgia, once: SSRS

21 With legal tender: INCASH

23 Even prime: TWO

26 2016 World Series Champions: CUBS

28 Locale: SITE

29 Con target: SAP

30 "The Hunger Games" nation: PANEM

32 Pianist Templeton: ALEC

33 Estadio shout: OLE

34 Formal reply to "Who's there?": ITISI

35 Foul line shots: Abbr.: FTS

36 "Too rich for my blood": IFOLD

38 Loose: LAX

39 "__ and the Real Girl": 2007 film: LARS

41 Judicial attire: ROBES

42 Altar constellation: ARA

43 Hudson Bay native: CREE

44 Like kittens: SPRY

45 Honda subcompact: FIT

46 Actor Culkin: KIERAN

48 Some NCOs: SGTS

51 Nipper's brand: RCA

52 Saint of "On the Waterfront": EVAMARIE

54 Something to exercise: OPTION

57 Particularly noxious: VIRULENT

58 Cialis competitor: VIAGRA

59 Periodic table listing: ELEMENTS

60 Numbered piece: OPUS

61 Obstinate critter: ASS

62 That, in Tijuana: ESA


1 Alumni: GRADS

2 North African capital: TUNIS

3 Government revenue generator, aptly: ESAERCNIXAT

4 Emphatic Acapulco assent: SISI

5 Rousseau et al.: HENRIS

6 Like many elephants: ASIAN

7 Eins und zwei: DREI

8 Google find: URL

9 Basic chem. unit: MOL

10 Ask too many questions: PRY

12 Cold sufferer's boxful: TISSUES

13 Hillary's feat, aptly: TNECSATSEREVE

14 Sad, to Sartre: TRISTE

15 Retailer's increase, aptly: EKIHECIRP

22 Is out sick, say: AILS

23 What Red Bull provides, aptly: TSOOBYGRENE

24 Pixar title robot: WALLE

25 Slanted pieces: OPEDS

27 Scale a cliff, aptly: BMILCKCOR

30 Rice dish: PILAF

31 Longtime video game name: ATARI

35 For the taking: FREE

37 On the market: FORSALE

40 Singer Grande: ARIANA

44 Certain drums: SNARES

47 Walled Spanish city: AVILA

49 Colors: TINTS

50 __ precedent: SETSA

51 Fixes, in a way: RIGS

53 Fall bloomers: MUMS

54 Lacto-__ vegetarian: OVO

55 Domino depression: PIP

56 Sigma follower: TAU

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