LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 24 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fitness trend that involves kids? GOATYOGA

9 "... but we're not done yet": SOFAR

14 Arcade bonus: EXTRABALL

16 Old market for olive oil: AGORA

17 Setting for Dante's "Divine Comedy": AFTERLIFE

18 "Impractical Jokers" network: TRUTV

19 Something to try out for: ROLE

20 Shelved, for now: ONICE

22 "What __?": ELSE

23 Drei, in the Apennines: TRE

24 Cries from sties: SQUEALS

26 Mate: PAL

27 Neruda wrote one about the sea: ODE

28 Frequent adoptee: PUP

29 Dirty digs: RATHOLE

31 Local politician's goal, perhaps: MAYOR

33 Got exactly right: NAILED

34 Bit of bedroom decor: SHAM

36 When tripled, "Yum!": NOM

38 Dates: SEES

39 Cover stories? BLURBS

41 Some lab workers: TECHS

43 Perform energetically: ROCKOUT

45 "__ & Him": Zooey Deschanel duo: SHE

46 Prefix with gender: CIS

49 Polly's call: AWK

50 Bound: TRUSSED

52 Elect: OPT

53 Ziggy Stardust genre: GLAM

55 Pitch-lowering symbols: FLATS

56 Jaunty greeting: HIHO

57 Country on the Gulf of Guinea: GABON

59 "That makes much more sense!": IGETITNOW

61 Summer month in Santiago: ENERO

62 Italian bread often served at Christmastime: PANETTONE

63 Particulars, informally: DEETS

64 Wanting: STRAPPED


1 Customize for: GEARTO

2 3-Down's alma mater: OXFORD

3 Churchill's 1945 successor: ATTLEE

4 Family shower: TREE

5 Pirate's cry: YAR

6 Public humiliation: OBLOQUY

7 Start to overtake: GAINUPON

8 2004 remake starring Jude Law: ALFIE

9 Posed: SAT

10 Brutish one: OGRE

11 Ball field marker: FOULPOLE

12 Gallery news: ARTSALES

13 Disentangled: RAVELED

15 '70s-'80s Rabbit competitor: LECAR

21 Panache: ELAN

24 One may be foiled by a captcha: SPAMBOT

25 Put away: STASHED

30 Makes haste: HIES

31 Euro forerunner: MARK

32 Tommy add-on: ROT

34 Provision for trucks: SLOWLANE

35 Two-time Republican presidential candidate: HUCKABEE

37 Camp gathering place: MESSTENT

39 Talked big: BRAGGED

40 Waves: SURF

42 Grover's predecessor: CHESTER

44 Spring bloom: TULIP

46 Like classic gumball machines: COINOP

47 Apple's X, e.g.: IPHONE

48 Put under a seat, say: STOWED

51 Elaborate tales: SAGAS

54 Cartoonist Walker: MORT

56 Letters in an internet bar: HTTP

58 Opposed words: NOS

60 Spanish diminutive ending: ITA

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