LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 eBay sale condition: ASIS

5 Nasal spray, e.g.: MIST

9 Guiding values of a group: ETHOS

14 Funnyman Jay: LENO

15 Actress Falco of "Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders": EDIE

16 Bench-clearing fight: BRAWL

17 Indonesian resort island: BALI

18 Big commotion: HURLYBURLY

20 Assists with a felony: ABETS

22 River near the Egyptian pyramids: NILE

23 Podcast interruptions: ADS

24 Taxable profit: NETGAIN

26 Julep ingredient: MINT

28 It has only two possible answers: YESORNOQUESTION

33 Enjoy a pizza, say: EAT

34 Summer shades: TANS

35 Hosp. diagnostic chamber: MRI

36 Performs like Drake: RAPS

39 Have a bug: AIL

40 Pedal pushers: FEET

41 Lifeboat mover: OAR

42 Like cellars, typically: DAMP

44 "The Blacklist" government agcy.: FBI

46 Start of a teaching moment from grandpa: WHENIWASYOURAGE

52 Australian isl. state: TASM

53 Chose from a menu: ORDERED

54 Refuse to share: HOG

55 Imitated: APED

58 Hindu sage: SWAMI

59 Showing embarrassment ... or what the circles in three puzzle answers are literally doing: TURNINGRED

62 Not much: ABIT

63 Thorny plant: BRIAR

64 Like eyesores: UGLY

65 Snippet of poetry: LINE

66 Platform for a play: STAGE

67 Get ready for a selfie: POSE

68 __-back: relaxed: LAID


1 Hudson River capital: ALBANY

2 Naval construction worker: SEABEE

3 Shoreline recesses: INLETS

4 "C'est la vie": SOITGOES

5 "I'm not impressed": MEH

6 "Beats me": IDUNNO

7 iPad voice-activated app: SIRI

8 Reveal: TELL

9 Fade away: EBB

10 One playing hooky: TRUANT

11 Difficulty, with "a": HARDTIME

12 Birds that can rotate their heads about 270 degrees: OWLS

13 Sneaky: SLY

19 Red Sea republic: YEMEN

21 Lee of desserts: SARA

25 QB's flub: INT

27 Magazine unit: Abbr.: ISS

29 Ear cleaners: QTIPS

30 Carrier whose largest hub is O'Hare: Abbr.: UAL

31 Mine extraction: ORE

32 Petty peeve: NIT

36 Information on a Broadway ticket: ROW

37 Satisfied sigh: AAH

38 University of South Africa city: PRETORIA

39 Org. for docs: AMA

40 Computer network security system: FIREWALL

42 Bad-mouth: DIS

43 "Oh, drat!": AWMAN

44 Word on a gift tag: FOR

45 Future blossoms: BUDS

47 "Get off my back!": NAGNAG

48 Alpine songs: YODELS

49 "Lawrence of __": ARABIA

50 The Twins of the Zodiac: GEMINI

51 Worked on text: EDITED

54 Injured: HURT

56 PC key used for scrolling: PGUP

57 "Logically, ... ": ERGO

59 Channel formerly called "Superstation": TBS

60 Fury: IRE

61 Just For Men product: DYE

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