LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 24 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Vote to accept: ADOPT

6 Sincerely asks for: BEGS

10 Vicki Lawrence sitcom role: MAMA

14 Harley owner: BIKER

15 "This is __ a test": ONLY

16 Flower painted by van Gogh: IRIS

17 Roadblocks: BARRICADES

19 Friendly: NICE

20 Win the affections of: ENAMOR

21 "__ lost!": GET

22 Mental flash: IDEA

23 Be rude to: SASS

24 Doc's org.: AMA

26 Good name for many a tree-lined street: ELM

28 Energy: VIM

29 Barely sufficient: MEAGER

33 "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-creator Fey: TINA

37 Crossed (out): EXED

39 Prepare, as Romano: GRATE

40 Womb-related: UTERINE

42 Crowd control weapon: RIOTGUN

44 Part of TNT: NITRO

45 Trace amount: DRIB

47 Not tacit: SAID

48 Ledger column: ASSETS

50 Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.: ENE

51 Did nothing: SAT

52 Calypso-influenced genre: SKA

53 __ of March: IDES

57 Minor argument: SPAT

60 Baseball bat wood: ASH

62 In the center: MEDIAL

64 Airport idler: TAXI

65 Gambles in a church basement, maybe: PLAYSBINGO

67 Golfer's selection: IRON

68 Easy gait: LOPE

69 Winemaker with 1900 acres of vineyards in California: BOGLE

70 __ a bell: sounded familiar: RANG

71 Short-horned bighorns: EWES

72 Lid inflammations: STYES


1 Clerics in un monastère: ABBES

2 "Outlander" novelist Gabaldon: DIANA

3 Gumbo pods: OKRAS

4 Salon jobs: PERMS

5 Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g.: TRIO

6 Fancy neckwear: BOA

7 Final stage of a chess match: ENDGAME

8 TV series with choreographed numbers: GLEE

9 Word with metric or merit: SYSTEM

10 Wawa and 7-Eleven: MINIMARTS

11 Bone-dry: ARID

12 Attic pests: MICE

13 Topside, perhaps: ASEA

18 Cowardly: CRAVEN

25 With 38-Down, bar offering found in each set of circles: MIXED

27 Big name in small construction: LEGO

30 "Poker Face" Lady: GAGA

31 Needle case: ETUI

32 Tear to bits: REND

33 Sushi option: TUNA

34 "For real?": ITIS

35 Brooklyn NBA team: NETS

36 Captivating: ARRESTING

38 See 25-Down: DRINK

41 Greek letter: IOTA

43 Support group? IBEAMS

46 Mold into a new form: RESHAPE

49 Paper clip alternative: STAPLE

53 Senseless sort: IDIOT

54 Shabby: DINGY

55 Sharp-eyed hunter: EAGLE

56 Astringent plumlike fruits: SLOES

57 Prepare, as a 25-/38-Down: STIR

58 Prefix with graph: PARA

59 Neural transmitter: AXON

61 Hoping for more customers: SLOW

63 Drops off: EBBS

66 "Amen!": YES

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