LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Model in the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun": TBIRD

6 "Nightmare" street: ELM

9 Middles: WAISTS

15 Demonstrating skill: ABLY

19 Subtle glows: AURAE

20 Wasikowska of "Damsel": MIA

21 Allergic outburst: AHCHOO

22 Hudson Bay nation: CREE

23 *Grizzly, for one: BROWNBEAR

25 *Olaf II of Norway, notably: VIKINGSAINT

27 Ornamental vase: URN

28 Earthly: TERRENE

30 MLB Hall of Famer Fox and journalist Bly: NELLIES

31 __ a soul: NARY

32 Va. winter hours: EST

34 Genesis twin: ESAU

35 Hose clamp tightener: TBOLT

37 More klutzy: GAWKIER

40 Prepare, as a contract: DRAWUP

45 Like some dorms: COED

46 *It goes up in cold weather: HEATBILL

48 Sound of shock: GASP

49 Sharply hit baseball: LINER

51 Relax, maybe: LIE

52 Wolf down: EAT

54 Guru's residence: ASHRAM

56 Pool concern: ALGAE

57 Loses steam: FLAGS

60 Claim no longer allowed on cigarettes: LESSTAR

62 Fortune: WEALTH

64 Show with constant cliff-hangers: SOAP

66 Cell division: MITOSIS

68 NL Central club: STL

69 *Nickname for Joe DiMaggio: YANKEECLIPPER

73 Words of understanding: OHS

75 Uses, as a scale: STEPSON

77 Candy bar with a Nordic name: SKOR

78 Self-reproach: REGRET

80 Thinks: IDEATES

82 Played really badly: STANK

85 Comic book artist: INKER

86 Mentally assimilate: DIGEST

88 A musician usually has a good one: EAR

90 Originally called: NEE

91 BĂȘte __: NOIRE

92 Willing to listen (to): OPEN

93 *The sun will eventually be one: REDGIANT

97 Button alternative: SNAP

98 Posse carriers: HORSES

101 Max Ernst, for one: DADAIST

102 True: ALIGN

104 Yearn: ACHE

106 Eye, to a poet: ORB

107 Pickup relatives, briefly: UTES

108 Condemnation: REPROOF

111 Zip one's lip: KEEPMUM

114 "Rugrats" dad: STU

117 *ICBM booster until 1987: TITANROCKET

120 They're on the same side ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: TEAMMATES

122 Pizzazz: ELAN

123 Spiritualist Deepak: CHOPRA

124 Bagpiper's topper: TAM

125 Past pudgy: OBESE

126 Target of a military press: DELT

127 "Dear Evan __": 2015 musical: HANSEN

128 Mahershala of "Moonlight": ALI

129 Grown-up efts: NEWTS


1 Perfume that sounds forbidden: TABU

2 VP under Jefferson: BURR

3 Par-3 choice, often: IRON

4 Not even rare? RAW

5 Insurance that covers dams? DENTAL

6 Manicurist's board: EMERY

7 Yarn spinner: LIAR

8 Dark area on the moon: MARE

9 Surfboard/kayak hybrid: WAVESKI

10 Yellowfin tuna: AHI

11 Response to goo: ICK

12 Slugger's creation: SHINER

13 Shades: TONES

14 "I'm __ to hear from you!": SOGLAD

15 Smoothie fruit: ACAI

16 Cheese on crackers: BRIE

17 Telescope part: LENS

18 To this day: YET

24 Docking place: BERTH

26 Result of one too many, maybe: SLUR

29 Rookie, briefly: NEWB

31 "I can't agree to this": NODEAL

33 Scrabble piece: TILE

35 Going places? TOILETS

36 *Kipling's Shere Khan is one: BENGALTIGER

37 Author Sheehy: GAIL

38 Relaxed: ATEASE

39 Airline with an all-kosher menu: ELAL

41 Turkish bigwigs: AGHAS

42 *"Virtuous Woman" reggae singer: WARRIORKING

43 Solheim Cup team: USA

44 Fluoride-in-water meas.: PPM

45 Cat's weapons: CLAWS

47 Little trickster: ELF

50 Confirms, as a password: RETYPES

53 Sub: TEMP

54 China __: showy bloom: ASTER

55 Use for preservation, as wine barrels: STOREIN

58 Takes off: GOES

59 Pass rusher's stat: SACKS

61 Small intake: SIP

63 Attacks: HASAT

65 Story line: PLOT

67 Singer Ed featured in the 2019 film "Yesterday": SHEERAN

70 "Just kidding!": NOT

71 Place for a pad: KNEE

72 Modern Persians: IRANIS

74 __ throat: STREP

76 Utopias: EDENS

79 Knowledge of spiritual matters: GNOSIS

81 Bareilles of "Waitress": SARA

83 Without ice: NEAT

84 Understanding: KEN

86 Quote from Homer: DOH

87 2012 Facebook event, for short: IPO

89 Overhaul: REDO

94 Sunbather's pride: DARKTAN

95 Poke fun at: GIBE

96 Best Supporting Actress before Ingrid: TATUM

99 Merit: EARN

100 Discolor by burning: SCORCH

101 Military alert state: DEFCON

103 Jack of "Some Like It Hot": LEMMON

105 To-do: HOOHA

107 It was added to create an everyday quintet in 1990: UMAMI

108 Tick off: RILE

109 Series finale: Abbr.: ETAL

110 Huff and puff: PANT

112 R&B great James: ETTA

113 Ring at a wedding: PEAL

114 State of suppressed worry: STEW

115 Reason to cram: TEST

116 List for a versatile tool: USES

117 Talk acronym: TED

118 Mil. mess duties: KPS

119 Before, poetically: ERE

121 Presidential nickname: ABE

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