LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Parcel of land: TRACT

6 Confused state: FOG

9 Chapter XXVIII of "Moby-Dick": AHAB

13 Creator of a quirky cartoon family: ADDAMS

19 Island veranda: LANAI

20 Old cereal box no.: RDA

21 __ Alto: PALO

22 Vacation option: CRUISE

23 Designated meditation area? CHANTROOM

25 Key to a discography including "Purple Rain"? PRINCEINDEX

27 Writer known for his surprise endings: OHENRY

28 Old lemon: EDSEL

29 Pick: ELECT

30 Longtime TV host Carol: BURNETT

33 Expansive: VAST

34 Lhasa __: small dog: APSO

36 Dots in l'océan: ILES

37 Lift: UPRAISE

40 Exist: ARE

41 Library attention-getter: PSST

45 Purity meas.: KTS

46 Vacant look, e.g.? TRANCEELEMENT

49 Annual report VIP: CEO

50 Quaint "before": ERE

51 High school phase for many: ANGST

52 Testing site: LAB

53 Oral dozen: MOLARS

55 Got out of the stable, say: RANFREE

57 "Platoon" setting: NAM

60 Atlantic and Pacific, e.g.: TIMEZONES

62 Lincoln in-law: TODD

63 One who doesn't stay put: NOMAD

65 Bard's bedtime: EEN

66 __ Reader: UTNE

67 Southampton sword: SABRE

69 Tirade from an underground worker? SEWERRANT

71 Smartened (up): WISED

72 Stopper: PLUG

73 Water control project: DAM

74 Hound attraction: SCENT

75 Spanish ayes: SISI

76 Fashionable sort? LATECOMER

79 Witch: HAG

80 In abundance: APLENTY

83 Emcee responsibilities: INTROS

84 Opposite of pref.: SUF

86 Dominated: OWNED

88 "That's surprising": GEE

89 Loving murmur: COO

90 Elegant knight's accoutrement? SATINANDLANCE

94 Tap choice, for short: IPA

95 Lombardy Castle city: ENNA

97 USO show audience: GIS

98 "Me too": SOHAVEI

99 Tech news website: CNET

100 Browning, e.g.: POET

102 Rocky areas?: Abbr.: MTNS

103 Oversees: MANAGES

105 Unemotional: STOIC

108 Farewell that's bid: ADIEU

110 One of two using matched weapons: DUELER

112 New Englander from Lhasa? TIBETANYANK

114 Viper's bar order? SNAKEPINT

118 Storied restaurant: ALICES

119 Suit to __: ATEE

120 Fallen space station: MIR

121 Rink fakes: DEKES

122 Hems in: BESETS

123 Hires competitor: DADS

124 BART stop, e.g.: STA

125 Rarely ordered food? STEAK


1 Comfort during a tough time, for short: TLC

2 Bleachers sound: RAH

3 California's Santa __ River: ANA

4 Camera choices: CANONS

5 10% donation: TITHE

6 Like the biggest stories: FRONTPAGE

7 Smell: ODOR

8 Reminiscent of venison: GAMY

9 Soothe: APPEASE

10 Aggressive marketing: HARDSELL

11 Posh party invitees: ALIST

12 Doggy bag item: BONE

13 Expert: ACE

14 Hangs on a line: DRIES

15 Longtime rubber company: DUNLOP

16 Personal assistant: AIDE

17 PC speed unit: MSEC

18 Suggestive message: SEXT

24 Took back: RETURNED

26 Shannon's county: CLARE

30 Yamaha user: BIKER

31 Extreme: ULTRA

32 What to click in response to an offensive tweet? RESENTBUTTON

33 Fight (for): VIE

35 Writers: PENMEN

38 ICU personnel: RNS

39 Infomercial urging: ACTNOW

40 Completely surrounding: AMBIENT

42 Insufficient medley? SCANTSINGING

43 Calm: SERENE

44 Like green salads: TOSSED

46 Time for una siesta: TARDE

47 Down: EAT

48 From A __: TOZ

54 Title name that "Every little breeze seems to whisper," in a Chevalier song: LOUISE

56 One may be exposed by an expert: FORGER

58 Iowa State city: AMES

59 Spring time: MARCH

61 First got acquainted: MET

63 Serious foe: NEMESIS

64 De Matteo of "The Sopranos": DREA

67 Do film editing work: SPLICE

68 Program with steps: ALANON

69 Green eggs advocate: SAM

70 Namibia neighbor: ANGOLA

71 Author who wrote "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life": WILDE

73 Two pills, perhaps: DOSAGE

75 Cereal brand since 1955: SPECIALK

77 49-Acrosses lead them: COS

78 More than trot: RUN

80 "Archie Bunker's Place" co-star: ANNEMEARA

81 Plains dwelling: TEPEE

82 Dublin-born poet: YEATS

85 Nailed, say: FASTENED

87 Sound file suffix: WAV

91 Business baron: TITAN

92 Cold War protest sign slogan: NONUKES

93 They don't play the field: Abbr.: DHS

96 Each: APIECE

99 Floor covering: CARPET

101 Two trios and a duo: OCTET

102 Mazda sports car: MIATA

104 Requirements: NEEDS

105 Shot in the dark: STAB

106 Floor covering: TILE

107 Kimono holders: OBIS

109 Twosome: DYAD

110 Mil. awards: DSMS

111 Quart, say: UNIT

113 Pack animal: ASS

115 '50s White House nickname: IKE

116 1995 Tony honoree for Excellence in the Theatre: Abbr.: NEA

117 Sound of reproach: TSK

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