LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Get gray, say: CLOUDUP

8 Iraq port city: BASRA

13 Knighted English composer: ELGAR

18 Bust of Pope Paul V sculptor: BERNINI

19 Language family including Finnish and Hungarian: URALIC

20 "I Hope You Dance" singer Womack: LEEANN

21 *Marvel hero with a red-white-and-blue costume: CAPTAINAMERICA

23 *Soviet newspaper: PRAVDA

24 Like a racehorse's hooves: SHOD

25 Apple pie order: ALAMODE

26 Last-second online auction bids: SNIPES

27 OXO tool: PEELER

29 Comet, to some: OMEN

30 Summer hrs. along the Mississippi: CDT

32 Humdingers: LULUS


36 *Take only the best: CHERRYPICK

38 Android alternative: IOS

39 Halloween decoration: BAT

40 "Family Guy" kid with a football-shaped head: STEWIE

41 __ Beta Kappa: PHI

42 Diva's numbers: SOLI

44 Base-level rideshare option: UBERX

46 Host before Carson: PAAR

49 *Instrument played with mallets: GLOCKENSPIEL

53 *Citrus used to flavor tea: BERGAMOT

57 Cattle catchers: ROPES

58 Cantina fare: TAPAS

59 '60s-'70s epithet based on a 21st-century Emmy-winning drama: MADMENERA

60 Appliance found in Provence? OVEN

61 Survivalist Stroud: LES

62 Okra or orca unit: POD

63 "Dracula" author Stoker: BRAM

64 Phisher's crime: WIREFRAUD

68 Throat problems: FROGS

70 Grand Canyon sights: CACTI

71 *Turkey's area: NEAREAST

72 *Symbol of worthlessness: WOODENNICKEL

74 Cravings: YENS

75 Slightly lit: TIPSY

76 Kindle technology: EINK

77 Back on a ship: AFT

80 Gem weight units: CARATS

82 Water source: TAP

83 Little terror: IMP

86 *Camper's knot: CLOVEHITCH

89 *Ridiculous, as an excuse: COCKAMAMIE

93 Worked on a Royal: TYPED

94 Fragrant neckwear: LEI

95 Giants manager Kapler: GABE

96 Cruel boss: TYRANT

97 SoFi Stadium team: LARAMS

99 Family planning topic, familiarly: THEPILL

102 Big apes: LUGS

103 *"Walk This Way" rap trio: RUNDMC

104 *Oscar-winning role for Judi Dench: QUEENELIZABETH

107 Made a case: ARGUED

108 Seventh of eight: URANUS

109 Part of town to avoid: BADAREA

110 They may be skinny: JEANS

111 Finish by: ENDAT

112 Rock's Lynyrd __: SKYNYRD


1 Ottawa-based media org.: CBC

2 Take on, as tenants: LEASETO

3 Mythological lyrist: ORPHEUS

4 Boundless: UNTOLD

5 Jeweled headgear: DIADEM

6 Oxford, to Oxonians: UNI

7 Fruta en una colada: PINA

8 City in NW Germany: BREMEN

9 "Breaking Bad" actor __ Paul: AARON

10 Arrived headfirst, perhaps: SLID

11 General Mills cereal: RICECHEX

12 Landmark health legislation, briefly: ACA

13 À la King? EERILY

14 Jump to one's feet: LEAPUP

15 Talked back to: GAVELIP

16 List-shortening words: ANDSUCH

17 Transfer __: RNA

19 Fish sauce taste: UMAMI

20 Health care provider: Abbr.: LPN

22 Floating above, say: ALOFT

26 Like Waldo's shirt, in kids' books: STRIPED

27 Inflation meas.: PSI

28 Russian cabbage? RUBLE

31 MTN __: DEW

33 Mountain footwear, maybe: SKI

35 Pass out: FAINT

36 __-Alt-Del: CTRL

37 Heat up again? REARM

40 Matches, as a bet: SEES

42 Stage backdrop: SCENERY

43 Gives a thumbs-up: OKS

44 Raised: UPPED

45 Leaning: BIAS

47 Spend time in a cellar, perhaps: AGE

48 Returned, as a football kick: RANBACK

49 Cultivated: GROWN

50 Houston Texans coach Smith: LOVIE

51 "Carmen," e.g.: OPERA

52 Henri's "Hi": SALUT

53 Symbol of authority: BADGE

54 Pfizer rival: MERCK

55 More than just talk: ORATE

56 Language of southern India: TAMIL

59 Temperamental: MOODY

62 (The) big leagues: PROS

65 Bank charge: FEE

66 French alternative: RANCH

67 Has at: ASSAILS

68 Dandy fellows: FOPS

69 Move surreptitiously: SNEAK

70 Bengals, on scoreboards: CIN

72 Accompanying: WITH

73 Bite like a puppy: NIPAT

75 Tight-lipped: TACITURN

77 Do something: ACT

78 Bit of fishing tackle: FLYLURE

79 Santa Monica Mountains' __ Canyon: TOPANGA

81 U.S. __ 1, East Coast hwy.: RTE

82 Immune system component: TCELL

83 Picturesque language: IMAGERY

84 English church honorific: MINSTER

85 Furry friend: PET

87 WWI battle city: VERDUN

88 One of a quartet of '50s singing siblings: EDAMES

89 Domed top for a threaded fastener: CAPNUT

90 Relatives of Tonys: OBIES

91 Polite two-word English term of address: MYLADY

92 Oranjestad native: ARUBAN

95 Actress Davis: GEENA

98 Fast-food NYSE ticker symbol: MCD

100 Beer foam: HEAD

101 Mad __: word game: LIBS

103 Rule that Gandhi opposed: RAJ

104 "¿__ pasa?": QUE

105 __ Starkey, longtime drummer for The Who: ZAK

106 Once possessed: HAD

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