LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 25 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Reminders of past surgeries: SCARS

6 Starting squad: ATEAM

11 Lousy: BAD

14 Three-time WNBA All-Star Quigley: ALLIE

15 Scrapbook adhesive: PASTE

16 Deeply regret: RUE

17 *Important figure in sports betting: POINTSPREAD

19 Ideological suffix: ISM

20 Loafer adornment: TASSEL

21 Isn't honest with: LIESTO

23 Cherry bomb's "stem": FUSE

24 *Party pooper: WETBLANKET

27 Twistable cookies: OREOS

29 Sailor's realm: SEA

30 "Chicago" actor Richard: GERE

31 Consequence: RESULT

33 Adapter letters: ACDC

36 Journalist Koppel: TED

37 *Record submitted to payroll: TIMESHEET

40 Yoga surface: MAT

43 White part of a citrus rind: PITH

44 Marshy ground: MORASS

48 Guinness who was the first to play Obi-Wan Kenobi: ALEC

50 "Chicago P.D." extra: COP

52 Region of ancient Mesopotamia: SUMER

53 *Paper for doodling: SCRATCHPAD

57 Pixar film featuring a guitar-playing boy: COCO

58 Force into action: COMPEL

59 Chair for a new parent: ROCKER

61 Sushi-grade tuna: AHI

62 Does a daily chore using the elements at the ends of the answers to the starred clues: MAKESTHEBED

66 Turn bad: ROT

67 Show to be true: PROVE

68 Mighty mad: IRATE

69 Sudsy quaff: ALE

70 Softens: EASES

71 Donkeys: ASSES


1 Sticky tree stuff: SAP

2 Debate-ending procedure in the Senate: CLOTURE

3 False names: ALIASES

4 Wash lightly: RINSEOUT

5 Adjusts, as a clock: SETS

6 Fruit for cider: APPLES

7 Sticky roofing stuff: TAR

8 Language suffix: ESE

9 In any way: ATALL

10 "On the __": NPR show about trends in journalism: MEDIA

11 Cut of meat used for corned beef: BRISKET

12 Stark: AUSTERE

13 Reduced in rank: DEMOTED

18 Use needle and thread: SEW

22 U.K. language: ENG

23 Word on a gift tag: FOR

25 Spot for steeped beverages: TEASHOP

26 Composer J.S. __: BACH

28 Lingerie item: SLIP

32 "OMG! Stop talking!": TMI

34 FDR or JFK, partywise: DEM

35 Corporate VIPs: CEOS

38 Engrave: ETCH

39 Folks who are in it for the long haul? TRUCKERS

40 Lash lengthener: MASCARA

41 Hand sanitizer ingredient: ALCOHOL

42 Wood-eating insect: TERMITE

45 Single-celled creatures: AMOEBAS

46 Stash away: SECRETE

47 "No seats" sign: SRO

49 Lens cover: CAP

51 Analyzes grammatically: PARSES

54 Phoenix suburb: TEMPE

55 American Red Cross founder Barton: CLARA

56 Small speck: DOT

60 Seed in some healthy smoothies: CHIA

63 Bout enders, briefly: KOS

64 Night before: EVE

65 __ Moines, Iowa: DES

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