LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It can have pins at the end of it: LANE

5 El __: CID

8 Pop's Mama: CASS

12 Printer handle: EPSON

17 Declare to be true: AVER

18 Math class ratio: SINE

19 Metz man: HOMME

20 __ Khan: "The Jungle Book" tiger: SHERE


25 Tool usually pluralized: TWEEZER

26 "According to whom?" retort: SAYSME

27 "Don't be __!": AHERO

28 Haifa's home: Abbr.: ISI

29 Pleasingly dated retail adjective: OLDE

31 Post-WWII pres. monogram: DDE

32 Black cat, to some: OMEN


40 Woodard of "Passion Fish": ALFRE

43 "The Voice" host Carson: DALY

44 One eliciting yawns: BORE

45 Diagnostic aid: XRAY

46 Silver finish? WAIE

47 King Minos' land: CRETE

49 Does the 96-Down for: CATEIS

51 Sussex suffix: ISE

52 Has regrets about: RUES

53 Hill helper: AIDE

54 Over-the-shoulder garment: SARI

55 Battery parts: TESTS

57 They're defined by revolutions: Abbr.: YRS

58 Bit of work: ERG

59 Some HDTVs: RCAS

61 Swiss Miss product: COCOA


70 Sign of vacancy? STARE

71 Tempe neighbor: MESA

72 St. Louis summer hrs.: CDT

73 Leave in the dust by overtaking? LAP

75 Pool table slab: SLATE

78 Fivers: ABES

80 "The Lion King" villain: SCAR

82 Almanac fodder: DATA

83 Facebook chuckle: LOL

84 Removes for good: ERASES

87 Bygone royals: TSARS

88 "The Haj" novelist: URIS

89 "Get on it now!": ASAP

91 Eros, in Rome: AMOR

92 Didn't let out, as one's breath: HELD

93 Chanel product: SCENT


99 Picasso output: ARTE

100 Recipient of much Apr. mail: IRS

101 Morales of "Ozark": ESAI

102 "Leaves and Navels" artist: ARP

105 Schoolyard pal in a Paul Simon song: JULIO

107 Short-legged hunter: BASSET

110 Rudolph Valentino's "Blood and Sand" co-star: LILALEE


115 Zellweger of "Cold Mountain": RENEE

116 Lions' prides: MANES

117 Gobs of: MANY

118 "Yeah, yeah, I get it": OKOK

119 Practices in a ring: SPARS

120 Small strings: UKES

121 Put in: ADD

122 Litter cries: MEWS


1 Christine of "The Blacklist": LAHTI

2 Declares: AVOWS

3 More up-to-date: NEWER

4 Art Deco icon: ERTE

5 Dante translator John: CIAIDI

6 Tats: INK

7 Shoddy pair? DEES

8 Tummy-tightening garment: CORSET

9 Clock radio toggle: AMFM

10 Barrie's bosun: SMEE

11 UGA's conf.: SEC

12 Book before Job: ESTHER

13 Fifth-most populous U.S. city: PHOENIX

14 Scorch: SEAR

15 Relative of -ish: ORSO

16 Cousin of com: NET

18 Dog attractor: SMELL

19 Period of great popularity: HEYDAY

22 Thinning layer: OZONE

23 Striker of a polymer ball: PADDLE

24 Mess (with): TAMPER

30 Was discontinued: ENDED

32 Fiona or Shrek: OGRE

33 Finds in mines: ORES

34 Grill, maybe: EATERY

35 Flanged girder: IBAR

36 Pay attention to: NOTICE

37 Diagnostic aids: MRIS

38 Steinbeck's "__ of Eden": EAST

39 Deli selections: RYES

40 Out of whack: AWRY

41 Linney of "Ozark": LAUIA

42 Caught this morning: FRESH

47 Magna __: CARTA

48 Hardship: IIGOI

49 Treatments for breaks: CASTS

50 Pub pick: STOUT

54 Burglars' targets: SAFES

56 Unit of wheat: EAR

58 First name in the beauty aisle: ESTEE

60 Word with clean or unglued: COMES

62 Richard's songwriting partner: OSCAR

63 Starfleet VIPs: CMDRS

65 End of a believer? IST

66 "Because," to a kid: IEASON

67 Pain in the neck: HASSLE

68 Highway alert: FLARE

69 Attended as an observer: SATIN

74 It's behind you: PAST

75 __ dunk: SLAM

76 Misplace: LOSE

77 Worry word: ALAS

79 North Atlantic hazard: BERG

81 Tight-knit squad: CADRE

82 Conveyer of tears: DUCT

85 Slangy convertible: RAGTOP

86 Grenoble gal pal: AMIE

87 Reacts to trouble: TENSES

90 Hymnal that's often richly illustrated: PSALTEI

92 Oater regulars: HORSES

93 Con man's cohort: SHILL

95 Surfaces: ARISES

96 Things to do after dinner: DISHES

97 Kitchen work spot: ISLAND

98 In a carefree manner: GAILY

102 How great minds think: ALIKE

103 Cut again, as grass: REMOW

104 Cheats at blind man's buff: PEEKS

105 Wrangler, e.g.: JEEP

106 Middies' sch.: USNA

107 Toucan's pride: BEAK

108 Teen breakout: ACNE

109 Detective show that spawned "Baretta": TOMA

111 Chem class model: ATOM

112 Real estate ad abbr.: BRS

113 Bird in some Australian place names: EMU

114 Fidget spinners, evidently: FAD

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