LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 25 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 25 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sun-blocking piece: VISOR

6 Lay eyes on: SPOT

10 Mischievous types: IMPS

14 IV component: INTRA

15 Sub that never plays? HERO

16 Civil suit cause: TORT

17 Met favorites: ARIAS

18 Ship that survived the Clashing Rocks: ARGO

19 Instrument heard in the intro to Madonna's "Crazy for You": OBOE

20 Departed: LEFT

21 *Edge of a storm: SQUALLLINE

23 Crusty fellow: FOGY

25 Teased: NEEDLED

26 Insults: AFFRONTS

30 __ shift: DAY

31 "You mean yours truly?": MOI

32 States, abroad: ETATS

34 Bar Keepers Friend alternative: AJAX

38 Tolkien's The Prancing Pony, e.g.: INN

39 *Chase away: SHOOOFF

42 Pamplona plaudit: OLE

43 [It's a keeper]: STET

45 Native Israeli: SABRA

46 __ Barton, first Triple Crown horse (1919): SIR

47 iPad launched in 2013: AIR

50 Bolshevik foes: TSARISTS

52 Allayed: STILLED

56 Wee ones: TOTS

57 Features of the answers to starred clues, from a trademarked sports term: THREEPEATS

60 Brood: STEW

63 Setting of Camus' "The Plague": ORAN

64 French friar: ABBE

65 Return option: EFILE

66 Abolitionist Lucretia: MOTT

67 Shaker fill: SALT

68 Port St. __, FL: LUCIE

69 Stuns, in a good way: AWES

70 Shoe insert: TREE

71 Tatted up: INKED


1 Ampule: VIAL

2 Legal memo opener: INRE

3 *Severe legal penalty: STIFFFINE

4 Source of windiness, maybe? ORATOR

5 College dorm figs.: RAS

6 NBAer seen in IcyHot ads: SHAQ

7 Machu Picchu's place: PERU

8 Pipe __: ORGAN

9 Equipped with machinery: TOOLED

10 "Shoulda listened to me!": ITOLDYA

11 Exxon merger partner: MOBIL

12 Inclined (to): PRONE

13 Knight's horse: STEED

21 Moog, briefly: SYNTH

22 __ & Perrins: Worcestershire sauce: LEA

24 Departs: GOES

26 French friends: AMIS

27 Lettering choice: FONT

28 Southwestern art mecca: TAOS

29 Weasel cousin: STOAT

33 Sorrowful sounds: SOBS

35 *Incense-burning implement: JOSSSTICK

36 Hit the ground: ALIT

37 '60s-'70s births: XERS

40 Brothers' housing: FRATS

41 Baccarat relative: FARO

44 Audition display: TALENTS

48 Land in l'eau: ILE

49 Meal: REPAST

51 "Whee!": ITSFUN

52 Tiny leaf opening: STOMA

53 Fling: THROW

54 Quite hot: IRATE

55 Exclude from practice: DEBAR

58 Qualified: ABLE

59 Chapeau's place: TETE

61 Writer Wiesel: ELIE

62 Work in the garden: WEED

65 First name in pharmaceuticals: ELI

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