LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Surprise with cheese and wine, perhaps: GIFTBASKET

11 Craft fare: BREW

15 Traveler's question: AREWETHERE

16 Mother of Judah: LEAH

17 Pieces for a wannabe conductor? MODELTRAIN

18 Afterthought preceder: ALSO

19 U.S.'s leading employer of mathematicians, it's said: NSA

20 How some agents travel: INCOGNITO

22 What looks can't do? KILL

25 Wind: SNAKE

26 Arranges: SCHEDULES

30 Took off: LEFT

32 Give false hope: LEADON

33 __ wedge: golf club with maximum loft: LOB

35 Evil: DARK

37 Sunday morning server: URN

38 Blank spaces: LACUNAE

41 Underwater beginnings: ROE

42 First-aid product prefix: MEDI

44 Cone's counterpart: ROD

45 Long and hard, as a stare: STEELY

47 Trig calculation: SINE

49 Metaphors for high esteem: PEDESTALS

51 Home of the 75-feet-tall Golden Driller statue: TULSA

53 Controversial late Russian painter Glazunov: ILYA

54 Tiger, perhaps: EXOTICPET

57 Only team with a gold at every Summer Olympics: Abbr.: GBR

60 Bush advisor: ROVE

61 Weather record: ALLTIMELOW

65 Lumberjack: AXER

66 Cleaning product claim: LEMONFRESH

67 Lawn care brand: TORO

68 Corridor: PASSAGEWAY


1 Leg, slangily: GAM

2 Pressing need? IRON

3 Mulder and Scully, briefly: FEDS

4 Fine-tuned: TWEAKED

5 "The Fresh Prince of __-Air": BEL

6 NFL passing stat: ATT

7 Ear-piercing: SHRILL

8 New Jersey public university with a campus in China: KEAN

9 Swedish company that invented Bluetooth: ERICSSON

10 Mortise mate: TENON

11 Shut out: BLANKED

12 Place for pets at an airport: RELIEFAREA

13 Right way? EAST

14 "Yay!": WHOO

21 __ pal: GAL

23 Role model: IDOL

24 Like some probes: LUNAR

26 Blighted area: SLUM

27 Dwarf planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter: CERES

28 "Give me that!": HANDITOVER

29 Get past: ELUDE

31 Online flame thrower? TROLL

34 Swiss cultural city: BASEL

36 2019 and 2020 Grammys host, or what she plays: KEYS

39 Get time off? COPAPLEA

40 Maker marketplace: ETSY

43 Not yet delivered: INUTERO

46 Knickknack stand: ETAGERE

48 Director Roth: ELI

50 Signs of repetition: DITTOS

52 Hawk tickets: SCALP

54 Q.E.D. part: ERAT

55 Amorous letters: XOXO

56 Trees with split-resistant wood: ELMS

58 Squandered: BLEW

59 Parks of Alabama: ROSA

62 Words with bit and way: INA

63 Plant activity: Abbr.: MFG

64 Word that sounds like its last letter: WHY

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