LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sources of nuclear energy: ATOMS

6 Wolf call: HOWL

10 Banned pollutants, briefly: PCBS

14 Exodus mount: SINAI

15 Author Wiesel: ELIE

16 "I smell trouble": UHOH

17 Tavern mug: STEIN

18 Get off the lawn, as leaves: RAKE

19 Noncurrent currency of Italy: LIRA

20 Tricolor flier in Dublin: FLAGOFIRELAND

23 Longtime forensic drama: CSI

25 The first "T" in TNT: TRI

26 Bitcoin, notably: EMONEY

27 Quality sound reproduction: HIFIRECORDING

31 Prefix with violet: ULTRA

32 Shipshape: NEAT

33 Mineral hardness scale: MOHS

34 "The game is __": Sherlock Holmes: AFOOT

36 "Alas!": AHME

40 Waves to ride on: SURF

41 Hit that barely gets over the infield: BLOOP

42 "And suppose my answer is no?": WHATIFIREFUSE

46 Panini cheese: ASIAGO

48 "Alice" diner owner: MEL

49 "That's all __ wrote": SHE

50 "What's your hurry?" ... and a literal hint to what's hiding in 20-, 27- and 42-Across: WHERESTHEFIRE

54 Stereo preceder: MONO

55 Length times width: AREA

56 Erode: EATAT

59 Blue dye: ANIL

60 Storm-producing weather systems: LOWS

61 Wharton's Ethan: FROME

62 Must have: NEED

63 Crafter's website: ETSY

64 Brown-toned photo: SEPIA


1 Stubborn animal: ASS

2 Chickadee relative: TIT

3 20% expressed as a fraction: ONEFIFTH

4 Snail or junk follower: MAIL

5 "New York, New York" crooner: SINATRA

6 Valiant: HEROIC

7 Disney snowman: OLAF

8 User-edited site: WIKI

9 Eyed wolfishly: LEEREDAT

10 Don, as boots: PULLON

11 China's __ Kai-shek: CHIANG

12 Carried: BORNE

13 Shielded from the sun: SHADY

21 College sr.'s exam: GRE

22 Send out: EMIT

23 Buddy: CHUM

24 Grain storage area: SILO

28 Tax-collecting agcy.: IRS

29 Like most light switches: ONOFF

30 Classic roadster: REO

34 Used car lot event: AUTOSALE

35 The "F" in TGIF: Abbr.: FRI

36 Furry sitcom ET: ALF

37 Landing site for Santa's sleigh: HOUSETOP

38 Dance in a pit: MOSH

39 Olympic fencing event: EPEE

40 Wise one: SAGE

41 Opinions: BELIEFS

42 Dog at a cookout: WIENIE

43 Ramis of "Ghostbusters": HAROLD

44 "Doesn't bother me at all": IMEASY

45 NFL official: REF

46 "Oh, no, bro!": AWMAN

47 Dazzled: SHONE

51 Relaxed running pace: TROT

52 Fells with an ax: HEWS

53 Steak order: RARE

57 Mate, across the Channel: AMI

58 Tazo product: TEA

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