LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Distressed cry: YOWL

5 Capture, in Westerns: LASSO

10 Pond film: SCUM

14 Singer Brickell: EDIE

15 Rap sheet entry: ALIAS

16 __ Linda, Calif.: LOMA

17 Noble fish? LOFTYPERCH

19 Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g.: ESPY

20 Radio tuning shortcut: PRESET

21 Longtime "American Top 40" host: KASEM

23 They're sold in bars: SOAPS

26 Force out: EVICT

29 Goes along with: ACCEPTS

32 Come again? REECHO

33 Oldest Musketeer: ATHOS

34 Keyboard goofs: TYPOS

36 Campaigned: RAN

37 Flute feature: STEM

38 Management opening: MICRO

39 Protest, in a way: FAST

40 Argentine aunt: TIA

41 Caffè __: chocolate-flavored drink: MOCHA

42 Reach via jet: FLYTO

43 Oliver Twist, for one: ORPHAN

45 Not farmed out: INHOUSE

47 Spruce up the lawn: RESOD

48 Jim of "Wide World of Sports": MCKAY

49 Buddy: KIDDO

51 Much more than a mere fan: ZEALOT

56 Word of lament: ALAS

58 Elastic fish? RUBBERSOLE

61 Singer with The Blackhearts: JETT

62 Typical: USUAL

63 Caffeine-rich seed: KOLA

64 Graph lines: AXES

65 Chaps: GENTS

66 Kind of folder: SPAM


1 Online site whose reviews are reviewed: YELP

2 Fragrance: ODOR

3 Certain partner: WIFE

4 Frees, with "out": LETS

5 Common carry-on item: LAPTOP

6 Pub order: ALE

7 What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty: SIR

8 Fires: SACKS

9 Fed. workplace monitor: OSHA

10 Short item on many a tee: SLEEVE

11 Massive fish? COSMICRAYS

12 Diamond authority: UMP

13 Possibly will: MAY

18 Many RSVP responses, hopefully: YESES

22 Notices: SEES

24 Top story: ATTIC

25 Medium: PSYCHIC

27 Pure: CHASTE

28 Scout rider: TONTO

29 What you have on: ATTIRE

30 Stingy fish? CHEAPSKATE

31 Dot follower, at times: COM

32 Piglet's pal: ROO

33 Tycoon who is an Oregon city namesake: ASTOR

35 Play a joke on: PRANK

38 Day named for a satellite: Abbr.: MON

39 Winter bug: FLU

41 Anti-DUI org.: MADD

42 Entrance area: FOYER

44 Raises: HOISTS

46 Variable eye colors: HAZELS

48 Touchpad alternative: MOUSE

50 Pharmacy item: DRUG

52 Sets as a price: ASKS

53 Circuit: LOOP

54 Earthenware pot: OLLA

55 Bears or Lions: TEAM

56 1977 Steely Dan album: AJA

57 Latin law: LEX

59 Dog holder: BUN

60 Diamond tool: BAT

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