LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Court player: JESTER

7 Accident-prone: HAPLESS

14 Fuel calculation: OCTANE

15 Satanic attribute: PUREEVIL

16 Feature of frequently sheared sheep? SHORTTERMFLEECE

18 "__ everything?": HOWS

19 Orioles' div.: ALEAST

20 Chill in the air: NIP

21 Miss equivalent, in some cases: MILE

22 Player under Auerbach, familiarly: CELT

23 Like aromatic, weather-resistant plants? FLORALANDHARDY

30 Namely: TOWIT

31 Turn heads during the audition: SHINE

32 Whodunit revelation: CULPRIT

35 Compare to, with "against": STACKUP

39 Fathers: SIRES

41 Twill fabric: CHINO

42 Skills acquired manufacturing linens? FLAXEXPERIENCE

46 Pennywhistle sound: TOOT

47 Take __ empty stomach: ONAN

48 Coffee hour vessel: URN

49 Prohibit: ENJOIN

52 It might be used before sandpapering: RASP

56 Shepherds' view during breakfast? BAGELSANDFLOCKS

59 "__ Arms": Coldplay song: ANOTHERS

60 Brother of Isis: OSIRIS

61 Business representatives: SYNDICS

62 Least courteous: RUDEST


1 Kid: JOSH

2 Repeat: ECHO

3 Put away: STOW

4 Works on a route: TARS

5 Rhinitis-treating MD: ENT

6 Target field: RETAIL

7 "__ few bars and I'll play it for you": HUMA

8 Pound sounds: ARFS

9 Bearskin rug, e.g.: PELT

10 "Fever" singer Peggy: LEE

11 Tied: EVENED

12 Mediterranean island: SICILY

13 Was out all night, maybe: SLEPT

15 Works on one's image, in a way: PREENS

17 "First Lady of Song": ELLA

21 1999 Best Visual Effects Oscar winner, with "The": MATRIX

22 December display: CRECHE

23 Fraud watchdog org.: FTC

24 Comedic Costello: LOU

25 Big-eyed flier: OWL

26 Excitedly tries to open, as a gift: RIPSAT

27 Cabinet agcy. founded under Bush 43: DHS

28 Broadway success: HIT

29 Pain relief brand: ANACIN

33 North Atl. country: IRE

34 "Oedipus __" : P.D.Q. Bach western-themed parody: TEX

36 Many bar mitzvah guests: KIN

37 Chapel Hill sch.: UNC

38 "MS. Found in a Bottle" author: POE

40 Jug band percussionist's tools: SPOONS

42 To fit every possible: FORANY

43 Well-supplied with: LONGON

44 Oklahoma city: ENID

45 Tried to be elected: RANFOR

46 Marching band section: TUBAS

49 K-12: ELHI

50 Very short time pd.: NSEC

51 Unsettles: JARS

52 Source of rage, briefly: ROID

53 Farm unit: ACRE

54 Downhill runners: SKIS

55 Restrained "Hey!": PSST

57 LAX stat: ETD

58 SEC school: LSU

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