LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hesitant sounds: UMS

4 Grand __ Auto: video game: THEFT

9 A and B, for blood: TYPES

14 Long of "Third Watch": NIA

15 Gung-ho: EAGER

16 Finnish bills: EUROS

17 Method: WAY

18 Entirety of a manufacturer's goods: PRODUCTLINE

20 Sent out: ISSUED

22 Inspiring Greek group of nine sisters: MUSES

23 U.S. Forest Service mascot since 1944: SMOKEYBEAR

26 __ and found: LOST

29 Peace of mind: EASE

30 Hightailed it: RAN

31 Namesake of a new wing, often: DONOR

32 Dolphin communication method: SONAR

35 Oregon city south of Salem: EUGENE

36 4, in 2 + 2 = 4: SUM

39 Indoor tanning aid: SUNLAMP

41 Reuben bread: RYE

42 Put-down: INSULT

44 Inception: ONSET

46 Lighter brand: ZIPPO

47 Degree for a CFO: MBA

48 [Purchase at your own risk]: ASIS

52 Floride, par exemple: ETAT

53 Out-of-office investigator: FIELDAGENT

56 Late-night host O'Brien: CONAN

58 Whip (up), as grub: RUSTLE

59 Tumbling seed, and a hint to each row of circled letters: JUMPINGBEAN

63 AAA service: TOW

64 Author Asimov: ISAAC

65 Lawful: LICIT

66 Night before: EVE

67 Rock or pop: GENRE

68 Traditional piano key wood: EBONY

69 Like half a deck of cards: RED


1 Not prudent: UNWISE

2 Swamp gas: MIASMA

3 Final approvals: SAYSOS

4 Conical home: TEPEE

5 "Jude the Obscure" author Thomas: HARDY

6 Big head on the set: EGO

7 Nourished: FED

8 Writer Capote: TRUMAN

9 Lunar New Years: TETS

10 Holiday fireplace blazer: YULELOG

11 "Orange Is the New Black" extra: PRISONER

12 Geological period: EON

13 Toronto-to-D.C. dir.: SSE

19 Mangy dog: CUR

21 Hawaiian strings: UKES

24 __ flakes: cereal: BRAN

25 Body part thoughtfully tugged on: EARLOBE

27 PlayStation maker: SONY

28 Sloth's hangout: TREE

31 Fool: DUPE

33 Norsk Folkemuseum city: OSLO

34 Macadamia __: NUT

35 Pair of madmen? EMS

36 Evaluate, with "up": SIZE

37 Army outfit: UNIT

38 Female '80s arcade sensation: MSPACMAN

40 Like neat freaks: ANAL

43 As good as expected: UPTOPAR

45 Graffiti signatures: TAGS

47 Mix at a party: MINGLE

49 Irish pooch: SETTER

50 Smitten: INLOVE

51 Slow-boiled, as prunes: STEWED

53 Convection oven need: FAN

54 Water escape route: DRAIN

55 Unc's spouse: AUNTY

57 "Good one!": NICE

59 "The __ is up!": JIG

60 Employ: USE

61 Tot's mealtime protector: BIB

62 Prefix with friendly: ECO

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