LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Diet food phrase: NOFAT

6 Puny pencil: STUB

10 __ gin fizz: SLOE

14 Ancient market: AGORA

15 Long Island Iced Tea coloring provider: COLA

16 Double-decker checker: KING

17 Detergent sold around Yankee Stadium? BRONXCHEER

19 Village People megahit: YMCA

20 Good to go: SET

21 Put up: HOUSE

22 Fell off: EBBED

23 Title characters, typically: LEADS

25 Tetris shape: ELL

26 Chicken __: KIEV

27 Jingle for a detergent ad? SURFMUSIC

33 Stuck, with "down": BOGGED

35 Game official: REF

36 Mediterranean tourist site: ETNA

37 "Go team!": RAH

38 Detergent for fishing equipment? NETGAIN

41 Same old routine: RUT

42 __ sax: ALTO

44 Charge: FEE

45 Large sea ducks: EIDERS

47 Directors in charge of a detergent? DASHBOARD

50 Junior prom attendee: TEEN

51 G.I. chow: MRE

52 "Snowy" bird: EGRET

54 No-sweat class: EASYA

57 Copier of old: MIMEO

59 Member of the fam: SIB

62 Quickly down: CHUG

63 Detergent for seasonal cleaning? SPRINGTIDE

65 Kon-Tiki Museum city: OSLO

66 Acorn droppers: OAKS

67 Three on a par-five, say: EAGLE

68 Hard on the ears: LOUD

69 Military outpost: BASE

70 Composition for nine: NONET


1 Bags: NABS

2 Fantasy brute: OGRE

3 Stage illumination: FOOTLIGHTS

4 Prince Valiant's son: ARN

5 Many an offshore bank account: TAXHAVEN

6 Go downhill fast: SCHUSS

7 __ the line: TOES

8 Film beekeeper: ULEE

9 Keep out: BAR

10 Color named for a natural phenomenon: SKYBLUE

11 Spot for a nest: LIMB

12 A while back: ONCE

13 "Good grief!": EGAD

18 Atlantic catch: COD

22 Stately tree: ELM

24 Brain scan, for short: EEG

25 __ White, Jennifer Hudson's role in the film "Dreamgirls": EFFIE

26 Fluffy-eared critter: KOALA

28 Pushy type: URGER

29 "V for Vendetta" actor Stephen: REA

30 It may have an arrow: STREETSIGN

31 Store, as ashes: INURN

32 Title pets in a Lilian Jackson Braun mystery series: CATS

33 Thin nail: BRAD

34 "Moll Flanders" novelist: DEFOE

39 Cause of a brewed awakening? TEA

40 Ammonia component: NITROGEN

43 "Heavens!": OHMYGOD

46 Snider of Twisted Sister: DEE

48 Sports __: BRA

49 End: DEMISE

53 High-ranking off.: GEN

54 Earth Day subj.: ECOL

55 "Understood": AHSO

56 "Mr." on a sci-fi bridge: SULU

57 Film-rating org.: MPAA

58 Bothers: IRKS

60 Like much chitchat: IDLE

61 Borscht vegetable: BEET

63 Blubber: SOB

64 Confucian path: TAO

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