LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 25 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Club alternatives: BLTS

5 Word often after an "-er" word: THAN

9 Adjusted to fit, as a ring: SIZED

14 Future doc's hurdle: MCAT

18 Mark replacement: EURO

19 Upbeat greeting: HIHO

20 One's due: CREDIT

22 Going rate: PACE

23 Sweet Sixteen org.: NCAA

24 Jacob's brother: ESAU

25 Unexpected attack: AMBUSH

26 Pot builder: ANTE

27 Distressed ones in some fairy tales: DAMSELS

29 Sun, for one: GSTAR

31 Pale green glaze that originated in China: CELADON

33 Adoption candidate, maybe: STRAYCAT

35 Antonio's love: AMORE

37 Timeline divs.: YRS

38 Seminole rivals, in college sports: GATORS

40 Simpson trial judge: ITO

41 Signature Obama legis.: ACA

42 James played by Beyoncé in "Cadillac Records": ETTA

44 "Mr. Blue Sky" rock gp.: ELO

45 Inventor who had his ups and downs: OTIS

47 Victory wreaths: LAURELS

50 Wall St. debuts: IPOS

53 PGA leaders, say: TOPPROS

55 Whacked at, as left field: HITTO

56 Stuck: INASPOT

58 Slangy meeting: SESH

59 Bug with bounce: FLEA

61 Requirements: MUSTDOS

63 EWR alternative: LGA

64 Summer temp, maybe: INTERN

66 Sch. with the mascot Sparty: MSU

67 Sup at home: DINEIN

69 1862 Tennessee battle site: SHILOH

72 Luanda is its cap.: ANG

74 Minor issue: NIT

75 Ric of The Cars: OCASEK

76 "Who wants cake?" eager reply: MEMEME

77 Polite title: SIR

78 Easy, in ads: NOFUSS

80 "That's so cute!": AWW

81 Slide organisms: AMOEBAE

84 Take suddenly: GRAB

85 Pickable do: AFRO

89 Second-marriage relationship: STEPSON

91 "Et __?": "And then what?": APRES

93 Awesome: STELLAR

95 Hindu festival of love: HOLI

96 Detective's promising discovery: HOTLEAD

98 Fly high: SOAR

99 Cold rocks: ICE

100 Jeans name: LEVI

102 Racing Unsers: ALS

103 Hoppy brew, briefly: IPA

105 Seedy company? BURPEE

107 Nest egg initials: IRA

109 Words of comfort: ICARE

111 Music genre big in China: CANTOPOP

113 Mastered: DOWNPAT

115 Box with openings: CRATE

118 Pet rabbits' homes: HUTCHES

121 Not at one's desk: AWAY

122 Like some revenue, as parking fines: NONTAX

124 Café additive: LAIT

126 Stimulating nut: KOLA

127 German gent: HERR

128 Blessing elicitor: SNEEZE

129 Civil rights activist Guinier: LANI

130 Baseball's Slaughter: ENOS

131 Cookie that's customizable: OREO

132 Dog-__ pages: EARED

133 Type of prof.: ASST

134 Teller's stack: TENS


1 Compromise: BEND

2 Hatchet man __ Brasi of "The Godfather": LUCA

3 Amusement park pickup areas: TRAMSTOPS

4 In order that one may: SOASTO


6 __ fit: HISSY

7 "Take on Me" band: AHA

8 Snickers ingredient: NOUGAT

9 Vocal improv: SCAT

10 Hogwarts librarian __ Pince: IRMA

11 Striped walkways: ZEBRACROSSINGS

12 School URL ender: EDU

13 Summer songs? DISCO

14 Movie-rating org.: MPAA

15 Sweet snacks on sticks: CANDYAPPLES

16 Stage figure: ACTOR

17 Many new drivers: TEENS


28 Fact-checker's find: ERROR

30 Vodka nickname: STOLI

32 Rent: LET

34 Lead-in to gender: CIS

36 Astronaut Jemison: MAE

38 Receives: GETS

39 Sunburn-soothing balm: ALOE

41 Halloween is in it: AUTUMN

43 "Whether __ nobler ... ": Hamlet: TIS

46 Wight, e.g.: ISLE

48 20s dispenser: ATM

49 Cap: LID

51 __ Boogie: "The Nightmare Before Christmas" villain: OOGIE

52 Won a Razzie Award, say: STANK

54 Lover's suffix: PHILE

55 Best Actor role for Anthony Hopkins: HANNIBALLECTER

57 Kobe-based shoe company: ASICS

60 Remove entirely: ERASE

62 Personal teacher: TUTOR

65 "Enough, Jorge!": NOMAS

68 __ cavity: NASAL

69 Huge success: SMASH

70 Strictly follow: HEWTO

71 "That's not news to me": IMWELLAWARE

73 Fox's quest in a fable: GRAPES

79 Burkina __: FASO

82 "Blueprint for a Sunrise" artist: ONO

83 Laundry brand: ERA

86 Motorola Razr, e.g., and a hint to each set of circles: FLIPPHONE

87 Political battle: RACE

88 First Black NHL player Willie __: OREE

90 March 14 food: PIE

92 Official proclamation: EDICT

94 Blow: ERUPT

97 Road crew supply: TAR

98 Honshu honorific: SAN

101 Big shot, briefly: VIP

104 Dish from Valencian for "frying pan": PAELLA

106 __ Mortgage: Quicken brand: ROCKET

107 Oregon Trail state: IDAHO

108 Crew member: ROWER

110 Yom Kippur verb: ATONE

112 Wheat __: cracker brand: THINS

114 "Stoned Soul Picnic" songwriter Laura: NYRO

116 Level: RAZE

117 Canned: AXED

119 Tech mogul Musk: ELON

120 Lip: SASS

123 Org. with annual Jazz Master Awards: NEA

125 Small batteries: AAS

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