LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 25 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 25 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Scottish Celt: GAEL

5 Brake component: DISC

9 Confronts with cockiness: FACES

14 Road runner: AUTO

15 Marc with a clothing brand: ECKO

16 Higher in rank than: ABOVE

17 Contents of a landscaper's spreader: GRASSSEED

19 Jeans material: DENIM

20 Bring up, as kids: RAISE

21 Very small: WEE


24 Building wing: ELL

25 Hollywood or Vine, vis-ˆ-vis the other: CROSSSTREET

30 Voted in: ELECTED

32 T-shirt coloring method: TIEDYE

33 Harp constellation: LYRA

34 Mexican girl: NINA

37 Tots may be bounced on them: KNEES

38 Formal attire: DRESSSUIT

41 Bud in a cantina: AMIGO

44 Diplomat's forte: TACT

45 Part of UAE: ARAB

49 Most inexperienced, as a recruit: RAWEST

51 Allowing cars in a single direction at a time, as a bridge: ONELANE

53 Social hierarchy: CLASSSYSTEM

56 School support gp.: PTA

57 Grain bristle: AWN

58 Acorn producer: OAK

59 Unmitigated: UTTER

61 Not exactly new: DATED

64 Leaky tire noise found in five puzzle answers including this one: HISSSOUND

67 "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA

68 Leave out: OMIT

69 "Rule, Britannia" composer Thomas: ARNE

70 Determined to do: SETON

71 Nashville venue: OPRY

72 "The Walking __": zombie show: DEAD


1 DVD blooper collection: GAGREEL

2 By ear: AURALLY

3 Online merchant: ETAILER

4 Red ink: LOSS

5 __ Moines: DES

6 Rink surface: ICE

7 Depicts unfairly, as data: SKEWS

8 Secret languages: CODES

9 Short-lived obsession: FAD

10 Civil War prez: ABE

11 Admit defeat: CONCEDE

12 Hex-dispensing stare: EVILEYE

13 Some Middle East natives: SEMITES

18 Splinter group: SECT

22 Ballpark fig.: EST

26 Artist Magritte: RENE

27 Writer of exalted verse: ODIST

28 __ bar: Polynesian-themed spot: TIKI

29 U-Haul truck, e.g.: RENTAL

31 Mooches: CADGES

35 Govt. code-breaking org.: NSA

36 Fancy tie: ASCOT

39 Flag maker Betsy: ROSS

40 __ Reader: eclectic digest: UTNE

41 Gaming centers: ARCADES

42 Invasive computer software: MALWARE

43 "Give me that!": IWANTIT

46 Ecstasy: RAPTURE

47 Insect's feeler: ANTENNA

48 Like Abe Lincoln and Santa Claus, facially: BEARDED

50 Chinese menu general: TSO

52 Outback birds: EMUS

54 Gleeful shout: YAHOO

55 Pinch pennies: SKIMP

60 "The Wind in the Willows" amphibious Mr.: TOAD

62 Novelist Umberto: ECO

63 "Forrest Gump" lieutenant: DAN

65 Dame's counterpart: SIR

66 Messy place: STY

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