LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Org. visited by zombie victims in season one of "The Walking Dead" (there was no cure): CDC

4 Looks after: TENDSTO

11 Place to relax: SPA

14 Virgo preceder: LEO

15 Begin: STARTON

16 Not talking: MUM

17 Expending? ALREADYDONE

19 Zoo draw: APE

20 Only single-syllable surname in an immortal '60s quartet: STARR

21 Drilling structure: RIG

22 Family nickname: GRAN

23 Conceal, in a way: PALM

24 Improved? SPECULATED

27 He beat Connors at Wimbledon in 1975: ASHE

29 Note next to a D? SEEME

30 Signal for help: SOS

33 Party VIP: HOST

35 Optimistic: SUNNY


42 Word of distinction: FIRST

43 As it __: WERE

44 Print maker: PAW

45 Beethoven's "Ah! perfido" and others: ARIAS

48 Vineyard measure: ACRE

50 Delight? EXTINGUISH

53 Stout-bodied rodent: VOLE

57 Bric-a-__: BRAC

58 Pacific __: RIM

59 Sweet potato casserole topper: PECAN

60 Personal holder of tricks? BAG

61 Distress? GETAHAIRCUT

64 Look at: EYE

65 Looking closely: PEERING

66 "You __ here": ARE

67 Mil. honor: DSM

68 Court stat: ASSISTS

69 Scratch, e.g.: MAR


1 Hold tight: CLASP

2 Fraternity letter: DELTA

3 Snorkeler's sight, perhaps: CORAL

4 Old Eurasian ruler: TSAR

5 Gate info: ETD

6 Voice vote option: NAY

7 Death Row Records co-founder: DRDRE

8 Imperturbable sorts: STOICS

9 Shoe part: TONGUE

10 Only Fibonacci number that appears twice in the sequence: ONE

11 Make spiffy: SMARTENUP

12 Larvae precede them: PUPAE

13 Update for the better: AMEND

18 Writer Bombeck: ERMA

22 Spectrum: GAMUT

24 Camera operator's concern: SHOT

25 Nuisance: PEST

26 Minor: LESSER

28 Recluse: SHUTIN

30 UV-blocking letters: SPF

31 Jacque's okay: OUI

32 Scheme to gain an end: STRATAGEM

34 Drag along: TOW

36 Org. once led by Charlton Heston: NRA

37 Tree in the genus Taxus: YEW

39 "Hamlet" courtier: OSRIC

40 Garden __: PEAS

41 Aqueduct feature: ARCH

46 Signs, with "to": AGREES

47 Hotel options: SUITES

49 Even once: EVER

50 Pulled back: EBBED

51 Discovery honored with the inaugural Nobel Prize in Physics: XRAYS

52 Japanese porcelain: IMARI

54 Name associated with a razor: OCCAM

55 "Family Matters" daughter: LAURA

56 Oft-used key: ENTER

59 Orwell's Napoleon and Snowball: PIGS

61 School stat: GPA

62 Relaxed greetings: HIS

63 Certain farm worker: ANT

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