LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 25 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hot-button subject in journalism: MEDIABIAS

10 It may be on a dog: SLAW

14 Sacred Aboriginal landmark: AYERSROCK

15 Tendency: TIDE

16 Like a meeting of the minds? TELEPATHIC

18 "__ so ... ": EVEN

19 Jefferson Davis' org.: CSA

20 "Barefoot Contessa" host Garten: INA

21 Still: ATREST

23 Best Director between Soderbergh and Polanski: HOWARD

25 Unnatural register: FALSETTO

27 Remove: ERASE

28 Firebrick cooker: PIZZAOVEN

29 "Nebraska" star: DERN

30 Become twisted: CONTORT

31 "Told you": SEE

32 Bygone: OLDEN

33 Congressional approval: YEA

36 Ceremonial cup: CHALICE

38 Settled: PAID

40 Points at and yells, perhaps: THREATENS

43 Petrol purchase: LITRE

44 White wine grape: RIESLING

45 Looked good on: BECAME

46 Attaches, as a new deck: ADDSON

47 Costumer's suggestion: WIG

48 Edge: LIP

49 Land shaped by erosion: MESA

50 Fall behind: GETINAHOLE

54 It sticks out in the water: PIER

55 Model rocket components: NOSECONES

56 Order to stop: STAY

57 Common college consequence: EMPTYNEST


1 __ set: MATCHED

2 Demolition candidates: EYESORES

3 Its only counties are Kent, New Castle and Sussex: DELAWARE

4 Steaming state: IRE

5 Hopeful's term: ASPIRE

6 Ford or Chevy: BRAND

7 Ninth in a series: IOTA

8 Cry over spilled Milch? ACH

9 Waxed sports equipment: SKI

10 Conventional: STEREOTYPIC

11 NFL games, e.g.: LIVETV

12 Holiday hymn opener: ADESTE

13 Took place: WENTON

17 Folded Italian fare: CALZONE

22 Pre-revolution bigwig: TSAR

24 When needed: ASNECESSARY

25 Bit of successful research: FINDING

26 Ancient pyramid builders: AZTECS

28 Wind-borne grains: POLLEN

30 An inch of snow, e.g.: COATING

34 What one might do after a broken date: EATALONE

35 Credit card bonus: AIRMILES

37 Light ring: HALO

39 Superior, of all five: DEEPEST

40 Walks heavily: TRAMPS

41 "Quick, get that out of sight!": HIDEIT

42 Indian Ocean arm: REDSEA

43 What's left: LEGACY

45 Stanford-__ test: BINET

47 Fleeting puff: WISP

51 Storm dir.: ENE

52 Pig thief of rhyme: TOM

53 Sweetie: HON

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