LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 25 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Earth, for one: ORB

4 Dred Scott decision Chief Justice: TANEY

9 Leg section: CALF

13 Two-digit sign: VEE

14 Thrifty to begin with? ECONO

15 Central Plains tribe: OTOE

16 "__ la vie": CEST

17 *Guide for Smithsonian visitors, say: MUSEUMDENT

19 Food scrap: ORT

20 Hardly libertine: PRIM

21 Pithy saying: ADAGE

22 *Ken Burns specialty: DUMENTARYFILM

26 Fairy tale figures: GNOMES

27 Mother __: LODE

28 Money with hits: EDDIE

29 Retreats: LAIRS

31 Word with bonds or games: WAR

34 Line holder: REEL

35 Barely detectable: FAINT

36 Tiny particle: MOTE

37 Future H.S. grads, probably: SRS

38 Volcanic eruption sight: PLUME

39 Nested supermarket array: CARTS

40 Nana: GRAN

41 "Amen to that!": SOTRUE

42 *Southeast Asian colonial region dismantled in 1954: FRENCHINDHINA

45 Earth's volume? ATLAS

47 Mandlikova of '80s tennis: HANA

48 Mexican pinch? SEL

49 Classic Looney Tunes tagline offering some "direction" in solving the starred clues: WHATSUPDOC

51 Office figure: BOSS

52 Legends and such: LORE

53 Cloth-dyeing method: BATIK

54 Pro using a siren, perhaps: EMT

55 Went after, in a way: SUED

56 Objects of worship: IDOLS

57 Earth opening? GEO


1 With 3-Down, sportsbook option based on the final score: OVERUNDER

2 Game system turnoff options: RESTMODES

3 See 1-Down: BET

4 What a siren does: TEMPTS

5 Lexus competitor: ACURA

6 Polite denial: NOSIR

7 Combat demarcation point: ENEMYLINE

8 "__ busy?": YOU

9 Indulge: CODDLE

10 Starting players: ATEAM

11 Sleep-inducing, maybe, as a lecture: LONG

12 Fancy party: FETE

16 Eccentric old guys: CODGERS

18 "Downton Abbey" personnel: MAIDS

23 Man's name that becomes a measurement when one letter is moved: EMIL

24 Once called: NEE

25 The Alamo, e.g.: FORT

29 Starting point of many modern missions: LAUNCHPAD

30 Intention: AIM

31 Unsettling: WORRISOME

32 Puts in sync with: ATTUNESTO

33 Zips again, as a Ziploc bag: RESEALS

35 Rich dessert: FLAN

36 Subject with shapes: MATH

38 First Amendment concern: PRESS

39 Fish-and-chips fish: COD

40 Like Romano, often: GRATED

41 Chips, say: SNACKS

42 Emergency device: FLARE

43 Couldn't not: HADTO

44 How tuna may be packed: INOIL

45 Hole makers: AWLS

46 "O Julius Caesar, __ art mighty yet!": Brutus: THOU

50 Where, to Brutus: UBI

51 Entreat: BEG

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