LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 25 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 25 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Reggae relative: SKA

4 Amount before deductions: GROSS

9 Unpleasant: HARSH

14 "U R funny!": LOL

15 Vital supply line: AORTA

16 Throat dangler: UVULA

17 Bran source: OAT

18 Virginia politician for whom a university is named: GEORGEMASON

20 Ride on runners: SLED

22 __ Testamento: NUEVO

23 Custard base: EGG

24 Magical literary orphan: HARRYPOTTER

27 Meeting vote: YEA

28 Falls phenomena: MISTS

33 "Close to You" singer: KARENCARPENTER

39 Old World Style sauce: RAGU

40 Formal orders: DICTA

41 Pet peeve? FLEA

42 "Westworld" actress (who complements 33-Across?): EVANRACHELWOOD

45 Analyze, in a way: PARSE

46 __ Lingus: AER

47 1960 Olympic boxing gold medalist (who complements 24-Across?): CASSIUSCLAY

55 Like the name "Will," for an estate lawyer: APT

58 Get behind: TRAIL

59 If-then-__: programmer's flow: ELSE

60 "Basic Instinct" star (who complements 18-Across?): SHARONSTONE

64 Letters between names: AKA

65 Where "Ratatouille" was cooked up: PIXAR

66 Refuge: HAVEN

67 Came together: MET

68 Not at all trustworthy: SLIMY

69 Glacial ridge: ARETE

70 Agency creations: ADS


1 Walk through puddles: SLOSH

2 It isn't really a bear: KOALA

3 Make different: ALTER

4 __ order: GAG

5 Sushi topper: ROE

6 Home of Stephen King's alma mater: ORONO

7 Structural support: STRUT

8 "Full House" star Bob: SAGET

9 "Think of it as an indulgence": HUMORME

10 Oscar-nominated director DuVernay: AVA

11 Subterfuge: RUSE

12 Uphill climb: SLOG

13 Pal around (with): HANG

19 Big night: EVE

21 Dress rehearsals: DRYRUNS

25 "__-haw!": YEE

26 It is really a bear: PANDA

29 Effective, as a rule: INFORCE

30 D-Day city: STLO

31 Set up for a drive: TEED

32 Mrs., in Madrid: SRA

33 Polynesian intoxicant: KAVA

34 Seaweed product: AGAR

35 Pres. title: CIC

36 Günther's gripe: ACH

37 Hwy., e.g.: RTE

38 Micronesian republic: PALAU

39 Weightlifter's unit: REP

43 Parish house: RECTORY

44 Director Anderson: WES

48 Prince Valiant's son: ARN

49 Beyoncé's "I Am... __ Fierce": SASHA

50 Lute kin: SITAR

51 "How do __ thee?": ILOVE

52 Camel relative: LLAMA

53 Sought answers: ASKED

54 "I Am of Ireland" poet: YEATS

55 Nile hazards: ASPS

56 Knight who co-founded Nike: PHIL

57 One in an airport line: TAXI

61 Bash: RAM

62 Amount after deductions: NET

63 Chemical suffix: ENE

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