LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 25 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Actress Gilbert of "The Big Bang Theory": SARA

5 "Lucky Jim" author: AMIS

9 "Be silent," in scores: TACET

14 Stagecraft aid: PROP

15 Email category: SENT

16 House: ABODE

17 App opener: ICON

18 Director Preminger: OTTO

19 66-Across, e.g.: VENUE

20 Competition among insects? GAMEOFHORNETS

23 2000 NBA MVP: ONEAL

24 Part of ENT: EAR

25 Cartesian conclusion: IAM

28 Pit stuff: TAR

29 Rule by generations of insects? GNATDYNASTY

34 City north of Memphis: CAIRO

35 "The Lord of the Rings" actor: ASTIN

36 Brand once pitched by Garfield, oddly: ALPO

39 Fabric-dyeing technique: BATIK

42 "¿Cómo __?": ESTA

43 Macy's competitor: SEARS

45 Minneapolis suburb: EDINA

47 Tiny but impressive insect? HECKOFAMITE

50 One on first? WHO

53 "__ tu": Verdi aria: ERI

54 Fairy queen of folklore: MAB

55 Bee-related: APIAN

57 Deceptiveness of insects? FLEASPRETENSE

62 Gathered intelligence: SPIED

64 Israeli carrier: ELAL

65 Stagecraft arrangements: SETS

66 Barclays Center, for one: ARENA

67 Barclays Center team: NETS

68 Cherry or pear: TREE

69 Inclined to ramble: WORDY

70 Stun, in a way: TASE

71 In __: aligned: SYNC


1 Peg in a cask: SPIGOT

2 One of two tarot card groups: ARCANA

3 Small-space renter: ROOMER

4 Sleep disorder: APNEA

5 Starting: ASOF

6 "Breaking Bad" contraband: METH

7 Enthusiastic about: INTO

8 Saved: STORED

9 Greek restaurant: TAVERNA

10 Help badly? ABET

11 Is made up: CONSISTS

12 Vanderbilt domain: EDU

13 Where many a drive begins: TEE

21 Memorable first name in Olympic gymnastics: OLGA

22 Vote against: NAY

26 Arguing: ATIT

27 Mimic on a perch: MYNA

30 Pen part: NIB

31 Coach Parseghian: ARA

32 Tribal symbol: TOTEM

33 Whaling, say: ASEA

34 Ireland's largest county: CORK

36 Tennis legend: ASHE

37 Lascivious look: LEER

38 Binky: PACIFIER

40 Uganda's Amin: IDI

41 Modeling enthusiast's purchase: KIT

44 Eventually: SOMEDAY

46 Picked-up: NEAT

48 Runway safety org.: FAA

49 Away: ABSENT

50 Vintage locale: WINERY

51 Hurry: HASTEN

52 "Hold on": ONESEC

56 Ones that have infested four puzzle answers: PESTS

58 Advance: LEND

59 Court bargaining chip: PLEA

60 "Darn!": RATS

61 Otherwise: ELSE

62 Adage: SAW

63 Ace: PRO

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