LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 25 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 25 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Aquatic barker: SEAL

5 "Notorious" justice, initially: RBG

8 Frozen rock in a bar? CUBE

12 Lake that drains via the Niagara River: ERIE

13 City on the Nile: CAIRO

15 Daunting exam: ORAL

16 *Historic lifetime golf or tennis achievement: CAREERGRANDSLAM

19 *Cushioned Adidas running shoes: CLOUDFOAM

20 TV censoring device: VCHIP

22 Do canine care? FLOSS

25 Long-bodied fish: EEL

26 Dose amt.: TSP

28 Super Bowl org.: NFL

29 Bronze component: TIN

31 Hang loosely: DRAPE

33 Tigger's best friend: ROO

35 Clear sky hue: AZURE

37 Long-eared equines: ASSES

38 Need to pay: OWE

39 More secure: SAFER

40 Extreme clutter: MESS

41 Oscar-winning actress Berry: HALLE

43 "Should that happen ... ": IFSO

44 Power source for Watt: STEAM

46 Sleeping sound: SNORE

48 City hall leaders: MAYORS

50 Guiding principles: CREDOS

53 Driver's licenses, e.g.: IDS

54 Donnybrook: RHUBARB

58 "Crazy Rich Asians" director Jon M. __: CHU

59 A or B, but not O: NOTE

61 "30 Rock" actor __ Morgan: TRACY

62 Pleased: GLAD

63 Follow orders: OBEY

64 Product pitcher: ADREP

65 "Mary Magdalene" star Rooney __: MARA

66 Capital on the Tiber: ROME

67 Party attendee: GUEST

68 Portent: OMEN


1 "Be there in a __!": SEC

2 Stat for Clayton Kershaw: ERA

3 Breathing necessity: AIR

4 Bloodsucker: LEECH

5 Pasta sauce brand: RAGU

6 Eagle or lark: BIRD

7 Steffi in the Tennis Hall of Fame: GRAF

8 Pink cocktail, familiarly: COSMO

9 Digital address letters: URL

10 Sheep sound: BAA

11 Common name for a tree-lined street: ELM

13 Corn, wheat, etc.: CROPS

14 Switch type: ONOFF

17 Privileged groups: ELITES

18 Cowboys' home: DALLAS

20 Chapter companion: VERSE

21 *Social status hierarchy: CLASSSYSTEM

23 Seafood appetizer, and what each answer to a starred clue literally is? STUFFEDCLAM

24 Foals' fathers: SIRES

25 Wax-coated cheese: EDAM

27 Links tournament with two-person teams: PROAM

28 Yuletide carols: NOELS

30 Roman fiddler: NERO

32 Basil-based sauce: PESTO

34 "Wise" flier: OWL

36 The Congo, formerly: ZAIRE

41 Word or phrase preceded by "#": HASHTAG

42 Put into code: ENCRYPT

45 Goof up: ERR

47 Uranus or Neptune: ORB

48 Key that may sound sad or angry: MINOR

49 Marinade in Philippine cooking: ADOBO

51 Windy City hub: OHARE

52 Khartoum's nation: SUDAN

55 Language of Pakistan: URDU

56 Like Hubbard's cupboard: BARE

57 Nails, as a test: ACES

60 Lens location: EYE

62 Controversial food letters: GMO

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