LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bewildered: DAZED

6 Public row: SCENE

11 Friend: PAL

14 Missouri tribe: OSAGE

15 Lake that ultimately feeds 8-Down: HURON

16 "__ we good?": ARE

17 Bingeing on chicken pieces? WINGFEEDING

19 Meadow: LEA

20 Vote against: NAY

21 Employee's request: RAISE

22 Tale of Achilles and Agamemnon: ILIAD

24 Tasting room container: CASK

25 Soon, to a bard: ANON

26 Roman naturalist's baseball-playing namesake? PLINYTHEFIELDER

33 Climbing and passing places: LANES

34 Preserves, in a way: CANS

35 "Hooray!": RAH

36 Inch, e.g.: UNIT

37 Source of the fairy-tale sequence that creates four long puzzle puns: GIANT

39 Interlaced: WOVE

40 Executive gp.: MGT

41 Chart entries: HITS

42 Tailed orbiter: COMET

43 Prize coveted by competitive trees? BESTOFTHEFOREST

47 Negotiate a green: PUTT

48 Echelon: RANK

49 Airport conveyors, or what are sometimes placed on them: BELTS

51 Wispy clouds: CIRRI

53 Spanish she-bear: OSA

56 __ Today: USA

57 Sports Officialdom Illustrated cover image? PHOTOOFUMPS

60 Apple product: MAC

61 Superficial: OUTER

62 Boredom: ENNUI

63 Take to court: SUE

64 Is crowded (with): TEEMS

65 Falls from the sky: RAINS


1 Low: DOWN

2 Nearly 9% of Earth's surface area: ASIA

3 Half-baked: ZANY

4 Chicken producer: EGG

5 Pays a share of: DEFRAYS

6 Arab leader: SHEIKH

7 Subjects of bovine mastication: CUDS

8 Lake ultimately fed by 15-Across: ERIE

9 Denial from Denis: NON

10 Auto mechanic's concerns: ENGINES

11 Pop or tot, e.g.: PALINDROME

12 Bailiwick: AREA

13 Heavy metal: LEAD

18 Right on the map: EAST

23 Web prefix with cat: LOL

24 Tech review website: CNET

25 "__ Nobody's Business": blues standard: AINT

26 Assess the depth of: PLUMB

27 "Blue Sky" Oscar winner: LANGE

28 Where everything should be: INITSPLACE

29 Online money: ECASH

30 Ventilation source: FAN

31 Roof edges: EAVES

32 "I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands" speaker: RHETT

37 Donation: GIFT

38 Big comm. company, once: ITT

39 __ load: WORK

41 Trendy nightclub: HOTSPOT

42 Pine, e.g.: CONIFER

44 Son of Akhenaten: TUT

45 Box score statistic: ERRORS

46 Gambling game involving matching cards: FARO

49 Borrows without returning: BUMS

50 Jacob's brother: ESAU

51 Dove home: COTE

52 List part: ITEM

53 Hyatt competitor: OMNI

54 Like a web: SPUN

55 Sale warning: ASIS

58 Tint: HUE

59 Duessa's foe in Spenser's "The Faerie Queene": UNA

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