LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 25 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Duo: PAIR

5 "Who's there?" reply: ITSME

10 Acquire: GET

13 Cartoon maker of a cactus costume: ACME

14 Student's assignment: REPORT

16 Artist Yoko: ONO

17 Starring role: LEAD

18 Roma is its capital: ITALIA

19 Once around the track: LAP

20 Flexible desk accessory: GOOSENECKLAMP

23 Yalie: ELI

25 VCR format: VHS

26 Support for a painting: EASEL

27 "Divine Comedy" author: DANTE

29 Acceleration control: THROTTLE

32 Filmmaker's monochrome background: GREENSCREEN

35 Medieval Icelandic collection: EDDA

36 Save like mad: HOARD

37 Govt. workplace monitor: OSHA

41 Indecisive sort: FENCESITTER

43 Sport with meshed sticks: LACROSSE

47 Teatime treat: SCONE

48 Last choice, perhaps: OTHER

49 Communication syst. with hand signals: ASL

51 Govt. code-breaking org.: NSA

52 Mental refresher ... and a hint to the circled letters: CHANGEOFSCENE

57 Barbie's beau: KEN

58 List of mistakes: ERRATA

59 Like granola: OATY

62 SASE, e.g.: ENC

63 One who loses on purpose? DIETER

64 Fairy tale bully: OGRE

65 X or manta follower: RAY

66 Salon filing aid: EMERY

67 They open locks and start cars: KEYS


1 Bud: PAL

2 King beater: ACE

3 Pictured in one's mind: IMAGINED

4 Second chance: REDO

5 __ whiskey: IRISH

6 Heads of France: TETES

7 Bridge: SPAN

8 Spy for the other guy: MOLE

9 Guitarist Clapton: ERIC

10 Bring up the rear: GOLAST

11 Tooth covering: ENAMEL

12 Knock over: TOPPLE

15 Hire: TAKEON

21 Something to bake in: OVEN

22 Zero deg. at the equator, say: LAT

23 Barely beat: EDGE

24 Pie crust ingredient: LARD

28 Earl Grey, for one: TEA

29 Barely discernible amount: TRACE

30 "You are __": mall map info: HERE

31 Bordeaux and Chianti: REDS

33 Hall & Oates' "__ Gone": SHES

34 Opposite of pros: CONS

37 Like meds needing no Rx: OTC

38 Era for Fred, Wilma and Pebbles: STONEAGE

39 Egg layers: HENS

40 Bailiwick: AREA

41 Copied with intent to deceive, as a signature: FORGED

42 Emerald __: Ireland: ISLE

43 Student's hallway hangout: LOCKER

44 Goddess of wisdom: ATHENA

45 Dicey: CHANCY

46 "The Last Jedi" villain Kylo: REN

49 Daisylike flower: ASTER

50 Like many Stephen King stories: SCARY

53 Cleveland's lake: ERIE

54 Utah city on I-15: OREM

55 Inevitable outcome: FATE

56 Cozy corner: NOOK

60 Attempt: TRY

61 "Absolutely!": YES

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