LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 25 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 25 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 25 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "I'm so stupid!": DOH

4 Lobbying orgs.: PACS

8 Dr. Oz's faith: ISLAM

13 Craft beer initials: IPA

14 Material for tatami mats: STRAW

15 Disney princess from Motunui: MOANA

16 FedEx alternative: DHL

17 Former "CBS Evening News" anchor: KATIECOURIC

19 "I'll take it from here": LETME

21 Twistable cookie: OREO

22 Like a thick, green lawn: LUSH

23 "School's Out" rocker: ALICECOOPER

26 Go out with: SEE

27 Papier-m‰chŽ fiesta item: PINATA

28 Magnified atlas image: INSET

30 Give a little: SAG

31 Item in a folder: FILE

35 Garden tool: SPADE

36 "You Are So Beautiful" singer: JOECOCKER

39 Biblical hymn: PSALM

42 Breakfast brand in the freezer aisle: EGGO

43 Grounded jet: SST

46 Hayride invitation: HOPON

47 Allergic reaction: AHCHOO

50 Capp and Gore: ALS

51 Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows" partner: IMOGENECOCA

56 __ puppet: SOCK

58 Cowhand's chow: GRUB

59 Objects of adulation: IDOLS

60 Based on a common feature of their names, what 17-, 23-, 36- and 51-Across are well-suited to be? ECOWARRIORS

63 Little kid: TOT

64 In the country: RURAL

65 Cruise stopover: ISLET

66 Find a place for: USE

67 Dead tired: SPENT

68 Half-moon tide: NEAP

69 Each: PER


1 Hit the pool: DIDLAPS

2 "Hamlet" character who drowns: OPHELIA

3 Hesitant: HALTING

4 Org. concerned with students: PTA

5 Threepio's buddy: ARTOO

6 North African capital: CAIRO

7 Win every game: SWEEP

8 Letters before a viewpoint: IMO

9 Motown music: SOUL

10 Tony who managed three World Series-winning teams: LARUSSA

11 Ouzo flavoring: ANISEED

12 Hacker's tool: MACHETE

14 Sport with clay targets: SKEET

18 Iowa campus: COE

20 __ Nashville: country label: MCA

24 Barista's workplace: CAFE

25 Go higher: RISE

29 "Planet Money" network: NPR

32 Winter hazard: ICE

33 Piece of campfire fuel: LOG

34 Lines at a hosp.: ECG

36 "World of Dance" judge, to fans: JLO

37 Luxury hotel chain: OMNI

38 Zen paradox: KOAN

39 "Star Trek" stunners: PHASERS

40 Popular beer pong choice: SOLOCUP

41 Test result for a HS student: APSCORE

43 Grow dramatically: SHOOTUP

44 "You almost got it": SOCLOSE

45 42-Across cooker: TOASTER

48 Bank holdup: HEIST

49 Looped in on an email, briefly: CCD

52 Bus. bigwig: MGR

53 Former senator Hatch: ORRIN

54 False front: GUISE

55 Deadly virus: EBOLA

57 Olympic skating medalist Michelle: KWAN

61 Keyboard shortcut key: ALT

62 Weight room unit: REP

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