LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 25 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 25 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word with a wave: BYE

4 Table __: SCRAPS

10 Big name in Norwegian history: OLAV

14 Political scientist Bremmer: IAN

15 Undermines: ERODES

16 Fountain with a wind: PETE

17 According to: ALA

18 Frenetic drummer's output? SAVAGEBEATS

20 Literally, half-year periods: SEMESTERS

22 Hawaii, on many maps: INSET

23 Cast doubt upon: BELIE

24 They're not from around here: ALIENS

25 Like a professional gambler's life? ALLFORTHEBETS

29 Expected: DUEIN

30 Theme park array: RIDES

31 Marine bird: TERN

32 Stinky: FETID

33 Legislative creation: BILL

37 "Wonderful!": GREAT

38 Debate fixtures: PODIA

39 Consistently wins prizes for carrots, turnips, etc.? RULESTHEROOTS

42 Butter source: PEANUT

44 Row divider: AISLE

45 Golf nickname: ARNIE

46 Flat out? SPARETIRE

50 Specially designed Valentine's Day burgers? PATTYHEARTS

52 Veer sharply: ZAG

53 Like Magellan, for long periods: ASEA

54 Correctly, old-style: ARIGHT

55 ORD posting: ETA

56 Jumbotron displays, briefly: LEDS

57 "Good riddance": NOLOSS

58 Worked on: DID


1 Prejudice: BIAS

2 Official school color since 1894: YALEBLUE

3 Jewelry artisan: ENAMELER

4 Stretch in therapy, say: SESSION

5 Evidence of a large impact: CRATER

6 Wander: ROVE

7 Month between Shevat and Nisan: ADAR

8 Hat-hanging aids: PEGS

9 Montpelier-to-Providence dir.: SSE

10 Christmas morning cry: OPENIT

11 Auto options: LEASES

12 When some local news is broadcast: ATTEN

13 Road workers' garb: VESTS

19 "Greatest gymnast ever," per Retton: BILES

21 Like storied North Pole workers: ELFIN

24 Not up: ABED

25 Home security giant: ADT

26 Tundra's lack, usually: TREES

27 Try to strike: HITAT

28 Bunker of note: EDITH

32 Stew: FRET

33 Helping hand: BOOST

34 Worshipped: IDOLIZED

35 Ones who do things by the book? LITERATI

36 __ Cruces: LAS

37 Sticky: GLUEY

38 Aaron and Eli, in the Old Testament: PRIESTS

39 Carried on: RANTED

40 "The Golden Arm" of the Baltimore Colts: UNITAS

41 "At the __ Core": Burroughs novel: EARTHS

42 Authoritative type of bull: PAPAL

43 Wipe out: ERASE

46 Hematology prefix: SERO

47 Traditional dairy farm item: PAIL

48 Ship that sailed from Iolcus: ARGO

49 "Zounds!": EGAD

51 Luke's pilot pal: HAN

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