LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 25 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 25 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 P.D.Q. Bach's "Iphigenia in Brooklyn," e.g.: CANTATA

8 Dumpling cooker, perhaps: STEAMER

15 So cool it hurts: UBERHIP

16 Cost of winging it? AIRFARE

17 Court figures: LAWYERS

18 Bistro cheese? MAITRED

19 "90 Day Fiancé" airer: TLC

20 Fireballs, e.g.: METEORS

22 Kings, on NBA scoreboards: SAC

23 Ungulate feature: HOOF

25 Music with conga drums: SALSA

26 Nigerian pop star: SADE

27 Get a tat: INKUP

29 Connection: TIE

30 ESPN analyst Rose: JALEN

31 Adolescents: TEENERS

33 Samovar transport: TEACART

35 Bit of hope: RAY

36 German gripe: ACH

37 Offered as proof: ADDUCED

41 Pay-to-play system: JUKEBOX

45 Director Sergio: LEONE

46 Sr. income source: IRA

48 Emotionless: STONY

49 Streaming concerns: LAGS

50 Skate park features: RAILS

52 Leader of a popular breakfast trio: SNAP

53 ER personnel: MDS

54 "Heather Has Two __": 1989 children's book: MOMMIES

56 Buck Henry was the first to host it five times, briefly: SNL

57 "Do we have the ok?": ISITAGO

59 Common cleanser: SALSODA

61 Habitual surfer: NETIZEN

62 Medieval trumpet: CLARION

63 London area: EASTEND

64 "The Entertainer" playwright: OSBORNE


1 "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," e.g.: CULTHIT

2 Awabi sushi mollusk: ABALONE

3 Unsuccessful rollout that tried to imitate Pepsi: NEWCOKE

4 Shot: TRY

5 "I'm talking now": AHEM

6 Rotation targets: TIRES

7 High-level H.S. math course: APSTATS

8 Abenaki leader who first contacted Plymouth settlers: SAMOSET

9 Crown: TIARA

10 Goddess of discord: ERIS

11 Sailor's direction: AFT

12 Wine used to flavor zabaglione: MARSALA

13 Modern book case? EREADER

14 Trifling sum: REDCENT

21 Certain Ivy Leaguer: ELI

24 Community-building races: FUNRUNS

26 Potpourri packets: SACHETS

28 Parting word: PEACE

30 Pickup game: JACKS

32 Manhattan liquor: RYE

34 Café freebie: EAU

37 Hardly sharing words: ALLMINE

38 Jordan River outlet: DEADSEA

39 Monitors a Lab, say: DOGSITS

40 Place to play ball: DIAMOND

41 State known for its tequila: JALISCO

42 Lyon greeting: BONSOIR

43 Without respite: ONANDON

44 Where many plots are made: XYPLANE

47 Net support: RIM

50 Seth who played Wozniak in "Steve Jobs": ROGEN

51 Makes watertight: SEALS

54 Place to use an exit strategy: MAZE

55 Rock quarry unit: SLAB

58 Start of a fair exchange: TIT

60 Sign of success: SRO

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