LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Features of many beds: SLATS

6 Curly coif: AFRO

10 Evite request: RSVP

14 Like half a towel set: HERS

18 Cliff dwelling: AERIE

19 Place at the pier: SLIP

20 World's smallest island nation: NAURU

21 Lamb pen name: ELIA

22 *Rejects, in a way: SWIPESLEFT

24 "... but maybe I'm wrong": ORNOT

25 Took off: WENT

26 Rest, in Rioja: SIESTA

27 Nutmeg State Ivy Leaguer: ELI

28 Social media movement since 2017: METOO

29 Movie SFX: CGI

30 Fashion monogram: YSL

31 Speeds up: HASTENS

34 Carolina quarterback with a Heisman Trophy: CAMNEWTON

37 Kneeling quarterback Tim with a Heisman Trophy: TEBOW

38 Mount: GETON

40 State to be true: AVER

41 Part of CDC: Abbr.: CTRS

43 How some like it? HOT

45 NFL sportscaster Collinsworth: CRIS

46 Green film on bronze: PATINA

49 Down in the dumps: BLUE

50 Style of earrings: HOOP

51 Kylo in "The Rise of Skywalker": REN

52 Commonly misplaced camera part: LENSCAP

53 Run, as a museum: CURATE

55 Sees: DATES

57 Features of many 48-Down: ADS

58 Celeb, say: VIP

59 Dojo instructor: SENSEI

60 Visibility reducer: MIST

61 Enemy: FOE

62 Comes together: GELS

63 Rise to an exalted level, as spirits: SOAR

64 Early Southwestern natives around the Virgin River: ANASAZI

67 Persian for "king": SHAH

69 Rode teacups, say: SPUN

71 Inc. relative: LLC

73 Squeezes (out): EKES

74 "Fiddler" toasting song: TOLIFE

77 Dadaist Jean: ARP

78 __ the line: TOE

79 Chart with lines: GRAPH

80 Largest U.S. federation of unions: AFLCIO

81 Aerospace task: MISSION

83 Head, for short: LAV

84 Cloud of gloom: PALL

86 Musk in the news: ELON

87 Dre protégé: EMINEM

88 Gp. that looks to the stars? SETI

89 Soul mate, with "the": ONE

90 Salon colors: DYES

91 Pub flier: DART

92 Dog: POOCH

94 Reps' pitches: DEMOS

96 Peels out: STEPSONIT

99 Have humble pie: EATCROW

101 Side dish piece: FRY

104 Taken in: HAD

105 Chinese gambling mecca: MACAO

107 Informal rejection: NAH

108 Dish: ENTREE

110 Scores: ALOT

112 Bitter: ACERB

113 *Journeys that aren't fun: GUILTTRIPS

115 Christchurch native: KIWI

116 Lands like a rock: THUDS

117 Like some inappropriate comments: UNPC

118 Navel variety: OUTIE

119 Pull hard: YANK

120 "My bad!": OOPS

121 Combat vet's affliction: PTSD

122 Highlighter hues: NEONS


1 Fresh: SASSY

2 Narnia creator C.S.: LEWIS

3 Disney mermaid: ARIEL

4 Check additions: TIPS

5 Boils: SEETHES

6 Syst. with hand signals: ASL

7 *"Landslide" group: FLEETWOODMAC

8 Search through hastily: RIFLE

9 Selecting: OPTING

10 Numismatist's prize: RARECOIN

11 Basking goals: SUNTANS

12 Big engine sound: VROOM


14 Take down: HEW

15 *Nissan Leaf, e.g.: ELECTRICVEHICLE

16 Jewelry-inspired pop nickname: RINGO

17 Lustrous fabric: SATIN

20 Happy eating word: NOM

23 Swedish auto: SAAB

32 NYC or London area: SOHO

33 President's protector ... and a hint to the circled letters: SECRETSERVICE

35 Captain America portrayer Chris: EVANS

36 Waters: WETS

37 Quisling's crime: TREASON

39 "__ bien!": TRES

41 Idea: CLUE


44 "Rappa Ternt Sanga" artist: TPAIN

47 Stick, as a landing: NAIL

48 Phone downloads: APPS

49 Former NCAA football ranking sys.: BCS

50 *Farmers' market find: HEIRLOOMTOMATO

52 Vientiane people: LAO

54 Important Kenya export: TEA

56 Flight safety org.: TSA

61 *Dish commonly made with cod: FISHANDCHIPS

62 Proofreaders' proofs: GALLEYS

65 Pseudonym letters: AKA

66 One of the Marx Brothers: ZEPPO

68 Where stars are honored: Abbr.: HOF

69 "Ditto": SAME

70 Kat's sister in "The Hunger Games": PRIM

72 Novelist Deighton: LEN

75 Verizon bundle: FIOS

76 Long time span: EON

78 Fancy cake feature: TIERS

79 Felino doméstico: GATO

82 Digital sound? SNAP

83 Ballet garb: LEOTARDS

85 Discomfiting look: LEER

88 Add zest to: SPICEUP

90 Dear Abbey for many? DOWNTON

93 Emotional problem: HANGUP

95 Bubbly brand: MOET

96 Unreliable: SHAKY

97 __ al Ghul: daughter of a Batman enemy: TALIA

98 Salsa holder: NACHO

100 Bleachers' dig: TAUNT

101 Crunchy snack: FRITO

102 Adjust on a lapel, perhaps: REPIN

103 Ayes: YESES

106 Birthing room docs: OBS

109 Loyal: TRUE

111 __Tok: video sharing service: TIK

114 HDTV choice: LCD

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