LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Igloo shape: DOME

5 Least satisfactory: WORST

10 Boars' mates: SOWS

14 Did a takeoff on: APED

15 "Christina's World" painter Andrew: WYETH

16 Witty remark: QUIP

17 *Divisive political topic: WEDGEISSUE

19 Useful Word command for the error-prone: UNDO

20 "Good __!": Charlie Brownism: GRIEF

21 Immature newt: EFT

22 Cake decorator: ICER

23 Biological pouch: SAC

24 *Want-ad heading in the London Times, perhaps: FLATFORRENT

28 MADD ads, e.g.: PSAS

29 Gerbil or hamster, often: PET

30 I-90 in Mass., say: TPKE

33 Defrost: THAW

36 Slack-jawed: AGAPE

40 *Get up and running, digitally: BOOTTHECOMPUTER

43 Vowel-heavy goodbye: ADIEU

44 Truck stop vehicle: SEMI

45 About to arrive at: NEAR

46 Monopoly quartet, briefly: RRS

48 HQs for B-52s: AFBS

50 *Interrogate persistently: PUMPFORINFO

55 Nor. neighbor: SWE

58 Morales of "Ozark": ESAI

59 Female in the fam: SIS

60 "Darn!" and "Dagnabbit!" are mild ones: OATHS

62 Easy win: ROMP

63 "Stand up!" ... and a hint to the beginnings of the answers to starred clues: ONYOURFEET

66 "My treat": ONME

67 Double-curved arches: OGEES

68 Starting poker pot contribution: ANTE

69 Sign of joy, maybe: TEAR

70 __-Dame de Paris: NOTRE

71 Went up: ROSE


1 Georgia team, in sports headlines: DAWGS

2 "Aida," for one: OPERA

3 Battlefield doc: MEDIC

4 Beat by a hair: EDGE

5 Early 20th-cent. conflict: WWI

6 Yiddish laments: OYS

7 Start-over button: RESET

8 Assorted items: STUFF

9 Place to take it from? THETOP

10 Water pistols: SQUIRTGUNS

11 Part of a pound: OUNCE

12 Add a lane to, say: WIDEN

13 Hurling or curling: SPORT

18 Failing grades: EFFS

25 Wood strip: LATH

26 Campfire remnants: ASHES

27 Harvest: REAP

28 Guy in a popular tongue-twister: PETERPIPER

30 Not yet known: Abbr.: TBA

31 Pea holder: POD

32 Decorative fish: KOI

34 Pro: ACE

35 Wonder __: WOMAN

37 Had: ATE

38 Princess' bane, in a fairy tale: PEA

39 Goof: ERR

41 Grass-and-roots layer: TURF

42 Tick off: MIFF

47 "Already?": SOSOON

49 Ill-mannered sort: BOOR

50 '90s candidate Ross: PEROT

51 Me.-to-Fla. route: USONE

52 Poppa's partner: MAMMA

53 Drummer for John, Paul and George: RINGO

54 "The best __ to come": ISYET

55 Shorthand specialist, for short: STENO

56 Stimulates: WHETS

57 Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE

61 Many miles away: AFAR

64 "__ the ramparts ... ": OER

65 Take advantage of: USE

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