LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 26 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cleaning cloths: RAGS

5 Branch of govt.: DEPT

9 Suffers after a CrossFit workout, say: ACHES

14 "Just gimme __!": ASEC

15 Really, really enjoy a joke: ROAR

16 Enjoy a joke: LAUGH

17 Was completely crushed by the competition: METONESWATERLOO

20 Orzo and ziti: PASTAS

21 Grand total: SUM

22 History: PAST

23 Part of a server's income: TIPS

24 __ soup: sushi bar bowlful: MISO

26 "Good one": HAHA

28 "La La Land" Oscar winner Stone: EMMA

31 Chocolaty drink: COCOA

35 Before, in classic palindromes: ERE

36 Continent with most of the world's people: ASIA

37 "Adios!": SOLONG

38 Org. with bomb-sniffing dogs: ATF

39 Actress who played Joan Watson on "Elementary": LUCYLIU

41 __ de Janeiro: RIO

42 Blob: DOLLOP

44 Asteroid formation: BELT

45 Put on: DON

46 "Gonna join us?": YOUIN

47 __ the deal: SEAL

48 Fair ride: PONY

49 Number-picking bar game: KENO

51 "__ open book": "Ask me anything": IMAN

53 A single time: ONCE

56 "Maa" ma: EWE

58 Just okay: NOTBAD

61 Is hopelessly confused: DOESNTHAVEACLUE

64 Spine-tingling: EERIE

65 Yard sale caveat: ASIS

66 Queen of Mount Olympus: HERA

67 Roofing stone: SLATE

68 Golf pegs: TEES

69 Chinese currency: YUAN


1 Wheelchair access: RAMP

2 Between ports on a cruise: ASEA

3 Catches a seasonal malady: GETSTHEFLU

4 Nova __: SCOTIA

5 Gets into character for Comic-Con, say: DRESSESUP

6 Lip balm brand with egg-shaped containers: EOS

7 Bear feet: PAWS

8 Damage that may be psychological: TRAUMA

9 Smithwick's beer: ALE

10 Commuting arrangement: CARPOOL

11 Hip-moving Hawaiian dance: HULA

12 Alter __: secret identities for superheroes: EGOS

13 Completely worn out: SHOT

18 Quick snooze: NAP

19 "I could do without this knowledge," way less formally: TMI

25 Merit badge earner: SCOUT

26 Stimulating: HEADY

27 Threepio's companion: ARTOO

29 Open __ night: MIC

30 "I'll think about it": MAYBE

32 Stuffed with ham and cheese: CORDONBLEU

33 French __ soup: ONION

34 Anguish: AGONY

36 Flying solo: ALONE

37 Inanity: SILLINESS

40 __ & Perrins steak sauce: LEA

43 Gives something a thumbs-up: LIKESIT

47 "Big deal": SOWHAT

48 Uneven, as fog: PATCHY

50 Badminton court divider: NET

52 Extinct emu-like bird: MOA

53 Poetic tributes: ODES

54 Yule tune: NOEL

55 "Superbad" actor Michael: CERA

57 Simplicity: EASE

59 Mystical glow: AURA

60 Campus official: DEAN

62 Alumna bio word: NEE

63 Compete (for): VIE

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