LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One who's often over a barrel? COOPER

7 Band member with a vihuela: MARIACHI

15 Use a combine: THRESH

16 Tiny orbiter: ELECTRON

17 Not shrink from: RISETO

18 Maintain control: RIDEHERD

19 See 38-Across: LOOKEDOVER

21 "The Owl and the Pussycat" poet: LEAR

22 Watched: SEEN

23 Chocolate-flavored spread: NUTELLA

25 Gets misty: STEAMSUP

29 Welcome item? MAT

30 Online shopping offer: CHAT

31 Testimony opener: ISAW

33 Glitterati member: CELEB

37 IV sites: ORS

38 She said, "It's better to be 19-Across than 55-Across": MAEWEST

40 Bedazzlement: AWE

41 Rwandan ethnic group: TUTSI

43 One of Pop's partners: SNAP

44 "Roast beast"-eating people: WHOS

45 Adobe file format: PDF

47 Shelley dedicated an ode to one of them: SKYLARKS

49 Musical star who received a 1949 Honorary Award Oscar: ASTAIRE

53 Big heads? EGOS

54 Split hairs? PART

55 See 38-Across: OVERLOOKED

60 Blathered: PRATTLED

62 Current quantity: AMPERE

63 Antlion relative: LACEWING

64 Squanders, perhaps: SPENDS

65 Dramatic break: ENTRACTE

66 American of Japanese descent: SANSEI


1 PC key: CTRL

2 Its state quarter displays the Wright Flyer: OHIO

3 "... __ it seems": ORSO

4 Gives a sidelong glance: PEEKSAT

5 Respect: ESTEEM

6 Onetime Botswana neighbor: RHODESIA

7 "Jeopardy!" first name: MERV

8 Sci-fi staple: ALIEN

9 Shining example of mirror-writing? REDRUM

10 Curling surface: ICE

11 Shoe endorser: ATHLETE

12 Angler's wicker basket: CREEL

13 Every 60 minutes: HORAL

14 Hindu weather deity: INDRA

20 Responsibilities: ONUSES

24 Diplomatic asset: TACT

25 Kilt wearer: SCOT

26 No __ traffic: THRU

27 Right in the atlas? EAST

28 Potential queens: PAWNS

32 Not so potent: WEAKER

34 Memorable big cat portrayer: LAHR

35 Furry Endor native: EWOK

36 Catfish Row heroine of opera: BESS

38 Modest skirt: MIDI

39 Pirate's viewing aid: SPYGLASS

42 "CSI" evidence: SPATTER

44 Showed willingness to listen (to): WASOPEN

46 Cavort: FROLIC

48 Oompa-__: Wonka worker: LOOMPA

49 Big __: APPLE

50 Leftovers cover: SARAN

51 Political essay: TRACT

52 Ceremony, e.g.: EVENT

56 Border: EDGE

57 Guy dolls: KENS

58 Mahler's earth: ERDE

59 '50s sitcom name: DESI

61 Longtime Howard Hughes asset: TWA

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