LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Meat shaped for a burger: PATTY

6 Consider: DEEM

10 Place to unwind: SPA

13 Sound before "Bless you": ACHOO

14 Food brand for Fido: ALPO

15 Visa competitor, briefly: AMEX

16 Like a wet day: RAINY

17 "Deal me a hand": IMIN

18 __ slaw: COLE

19 Nickname for Elvis Presley: KINGOFROCKNROLL

22 One rotation of Earth on its axis: DAY

23 Up until now: YET

24 "I'll pay any price!": NAMEIT

28 Nod off: DOZE

31 Not hers: HIS

34 "We're having __!": retail come-on: ASALE

35 Jupiter's wife: JUNO

36 Marriott rival: OMNI

37 Nickname for Ella Fitzgerald: FIRSTLADYOFSONG

40 Scarlett's plantation: TARA

41 Acme: APEX

42 "Nevermore!" bird: RAVEN

43 Boy in "Star Wars" prequel films: ANI

44 Currier and __: printmakers: IVES

45 Seth of "SNL": MEYERS

46 Ring or stud site: EAR

48 He wrote "The 42-Across": POE

49 Nickname for James Brown: GODFATHEROFSOUL

58 Funny Bombeck: ERMA

59 A4 automaker: AUDI

60 Scarlett's last name: OHARA

61 Close by: NEAR

62 Marvel Comics mutants: XMEN

63 Post-op therapy: REHAB

64 2,000 pounds: TON

65 Ain't right? ISNT

66 Brutalizes: MAULS


1 Place to spread a picnic blanket: PARK

2 Smoothie berry: ACAI

3 Slender: THIN

4 Half a barbecuer's pair: TONG

5 Up-and-down weight loss effort: YOYODIET

6 Grocery section with milk: DAIRY

7 Red Muppet: ELMO

8 "Lawrence of Arabia," e.g.: EPIC

9 2000s OCD-afflicted TV sleuth: MONK

10 Often sarcastic "Nice one!": SMOOTHMOVE

11 __-mell: disorderly: PELL

12 Ice skater's jump: AXEL

15 Property measure: ACRE

20 White part of beef: FAT

21 "Science Guy" Bill: NYE

24 1990s commerce pact acronym: NAFTA

25 Thai or Laotian: ASIAN

26 He's not single: MARRIEDMAN

27 Film lioness: ELSA

28 Fellas: DUDES

29 Banded gemstone: ONYX

30 Place to observe animals: ZOO

32 __ circle: group of close advisers: INNER

33 Omens: SIGNS

35 Joke: JAPE

36 "__, can you see ... ": OSAY

38 Loo: LAV

39 Having an irregular design: FREEFORM

44 "Roth" investment: IRA

45 Bovine sound: MOO

47 Not at all close by: AFAR

48 Make a hard copy of: PRINT

49 Fellow: GENT

50 Black-and-white treat: OREO

51 Uber alternative: TAXI

52 Runs smoothly: HUMS

53 Blissful Genesis place: EDEN

54 New York stadium dismantled in 2009: SHEA

55 Honolulu's island: OAHU

56 Eurasia's __ Mountains: URAL

57 Chocolate dogs: LABS

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